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New Year’s Confessional – better than a resolution, any day.

I have a bit of a confession to make, y’all.

JB and I have been a little more serious than we’ve let on.  Okay, a lot more serious.

We haven’t been talking to anyone about our relationship, because we have a lot of mutual friends, and some of them have expressed their displeasure in various ways.  We figured that the more private we made our relationship, the more we could spend time getting to know each other without outside interference.  Negative feelings aren’t a great way to foster a relationship, ya know?  So we kept it from everyone until after Thanksgiving, when we started to kind of “come out” to folks.  Even our parents haven’t known for that long.

So anyway, it worked.  And today we have an announcement:

In December 2009, my last name’s going to be changing.

In case you can’t see the detail, here are the photos from the jeweler’s website:


He asked my dad yesterday (sneaky sneaky), and my dad said the only reservation he had was that he didn’t know JB that well.  Well, we’re going to fix that.  :-)

Tonight, we were sitting around, and he told me to sit at the kitchen table.  I was like, “buh?”, especially when he brought over a large octagonal box.  I opened it, and there was a smaller box just like it.  Repeat this 5 freakin’ times.  The final box had a little sticky note inside of it that said, “Fail.”  JB told me later that he’d put it there just in case I’d decided to snoop.  As if.

While I’m sitting there looking at the sticky note and laughing, JB walks up behind me, kneels, and holds out the ring box and a dozen red roses.  He said, and I quote:  “Bonnie [my middle and last names], I love you with all my heart.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Will you marry me?”

Duh.  :-)

I said “Yes!”, and here we are.

I’m ridiculously happy.

Happy Holidays to us.  :-D

Now you guys know where I’ve been for the past few months, and why I haven’t been posting a lot.  I’ve been afraid of letting the cat out of the bag unnecessarily.  That post at Thanksgiving was pushing it.  So, anyway, now I can make you sick with wedding plans.  Heh.

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