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So Memphis City Schools and Shelby County schools are both closed today.

CBU and the U of M are both open.

These weren’t announced until around 7AM.

Tell me something:  with the large number of parents who either attend or work for either of these universities, don’t you think the schools should close so that these parents can, you know, stay home with their kids?  I mean, it’s not like it’s easy to find a last-minute babysitter at 7AM, and most of the day care centers in Memphis are closed, too.

So you end up with all these parents who either feel obligated to come to school (some bring their kids with them – it’s happened before, and it’s NOT an ideal situation for anyone involved), or they stay home with their kids and miss class, incurring an absence and possibly losing points in the class, depending on what happens that day.

That’s fucked up.  CBU, you officially blow horsenuts.

(as an aside, the roads aren’t awful, but people are driving on them like they’re NOT wet and/or covered in snow, so there’s practically an accident on every exit of the interstate – that’s the only thing that makes me nervous during inclement weather:  stupid drivers)

2 comments to REALLY?

  • Ted

    CBU, you officially blow horsenuts.

    Squeeky, please don’t hide your feelings. Tell us what you really think.

    We used to laugh at the Atlanta schools when they would close because there might be snow the next day.

    Of course, now we live in Massachsetts, and ther is snow the next day …

  • Joe

    …And let’s face it – the drivers here suck just as bad in the middle of August. ;)