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roflcopter, away!

The first thing that made me laugh this morning was in a livejournal community (you know how sometimes you’re on Wikipedia, and you click links from one page to another until you end up in some weird place with no idea how you got there, and you’ve gone from looking up information on a document of some sort to seeing the mating rituals of the banana slug?  that’s how the blogosphere works for me) where people post links to drama they find around other areas of LJ.  It’s for amusement purposes and to point out how utterly stupid people can be.

One post said something like, “Yesterday, a new compound word was invented!”, and a link to a comment thread from the day before was provided.

The new compound word was “cuntbooger”.  I’m going to add that to my list of genitals-related insults. (ask me about my list some time.  it’s epic.)

But the SECOND thing that made me laugh this morning is this post from Mike, or rather, the cartoon embedded in it.

Go look.  Do it now.

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