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He’s going to hate me for this.

JB hates small spaces.  The man is 6’6″…I’d say he has a good reason for it.

He’s also never flown.

Now, think about how small the average economy seat is on an airplane.  I’m uncomfortable while flying, and I’m only slighly larger than average.

Of course, the longer you go without doing something that you’re not sure about, the more nervous you get about it, until eventually you’re basically unreasonably anxious about it.

JB was about to this point.

I had a *really* bad day yesterday.  While I was venting, I mentioned something about Boomershoot, and how, while I’m really looking forward to it, I was a little upset that JB couldn’t go because he didn’t want to fly.

Y’all, he’s booking a ticket.  I found someone who is willing to face one of his biggest fears to make me happy.  And he’s not even doing that “see what I do for you?” thing – he’s just shrugging it off like it’s something anyone would do.

That’s pretty fucking awesome.

So now those of you who are going get to meet him, and see who in the world I managed to decide I could put up with for the rest of my life…and vice-versa.  :-)


5 comments to He’s going to hate me for this.

  • eek

    he is incredibly awesome. and if my big ass can fit in an airplane seat, he won’t have as much of a problem as you think. besides, if you sit next to each other, you can pull of the armrest and he can have part of yours.


  • eek


    i meant up.

  • Gack! 8 weeks! I’m still missing a scope and I need more ammo.

    Looking forward to meeting you both there Squeaky!

  • Two words for him:

    aisle seat

  • DaWankler

    That’s the thing, it’s something anyone SHOULD do. I’m glad you’ve found a guy that makes you happy and does the things he should without making it a big deal.

    I keep meaning to e-mail you. With all your contacts, do you have or know anyone that would have recommendations for purchasing a 1911?