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1911 Question from a reader/friend

DaWankler says:

“I keep meaning to e-mail you. ¬†With all your contacts, do you have or know anyone that would have recommendations for purchasing a 1911?”

I know you all do.

Go for it in the comments.

13 comments to 1911 Question from a reader/friend

  • Jim

    I really like the 3 Kimbers that I have, although they are a little bit pricier…


  • Joe Allen

    Depending on price range some good ones to look at:

    $2K = Les Baer, Ed Brown

  • Joe Allen

    Oops. It read my “greater than, less than” as formatting tags.

    Under $500 = Rock Island Armory, Taurus.
    $500-900 = Springfield Armory, S&W.
    $1000-2000 = Dan Wesson, Fusion.
    $2000 and up = Les Baer, Ed Brown.

  • Go to a gun store and buy a 1911 that’s within your budget.

    It’s that simple, so don’t make it more than it needs to be.

  • You can’t go wrong with a Taurus PT1911, it is inexpensive (<$600) and very well made. It’s on par with my Kimber and I’d trust my life to either of them.

    For that price you get a gun that is well fitted, uses a guide rod, has a comfortable beavertail grip and Heinie straight 8 sights. A huge improvement over the stock GI 1911A1.

  • DaWankler

    Thanks Bonnie! This is exactly the kind of info I’m looking for. I’ve shot several different 1911s and love the feel, I just don’t know a lot about the different manufacturers and how their quality tend to be.

    Glancing around a Kimber might not be a bad idea. It’s within my price range and looks well reviewed all around.

  • Sigivald

    What alan said. If it’s in good shape, any 1911 you want will be fine.

    I wouldn’t worry about a beavertail personally, but the easiest way for the prospective buyer to decide if he needs one is to go to a range and rent a gun without one. It should make itself clear pretty quickly.

    (I’ve heard both good and bad about guide rods, and certainly see no reason to insist on one.

    I’ve never had a problem with my utterly cheapass A1-spec Norinco that I couldn’t blame on the ammunition – any new gun sold in the US today, and most used ones, will be no worse.)

  • Springfield (I have a GI and a Loaded) or Dan Wesson. Either of those is as good as the Kimber, with better warranties and cheaper to boot. I got my Dan Wesson Razorback for about $850 in late ’07. The other DW models are likely a bit more, but for the money I think the DW is arguably the best production 1911 value on the market. I do like the Kimbers too, though.

  • kirk

    Light weight officers type or combat commander type. The 1911 is a great concealed carry firearm, however if you choose one thats too heavy or to uncomfortable to carry, then it will do you no good. Inside the pants holster, period. I like the soft side ones with shirt untucked, however, there are several holsters to chose from, comfort comfort comfort. Go to several stores and try several on,with several different 1911′s installed, walk around, sit, stand, comfort is all importent. Novak type sights, hoge or pacmeyer grips, radiused edges, ect, comfort comfort comfort. Colt is 1911, however, smith and wesson, sig, para dan wesson, les baer, springfield armory, kimber, tarus, the list is never ending. I like colt, springfield, sig, and both wessons best. LIGHT WEIGHT, COMPACT OR SUB COMPACT, COMFORTABLE GRIPS, SIGHTS AND HOLSTER. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH A 1911 IN 45ACP.

  • kirk

    By the way, don’t pay more than $1000.00 after tax for your 1911. Springfields for less than $1000, Loaded Champion with 11 Gear System, Loaded Ultra Compact w/ 11 Gear System. Smith and wesson for around $1000.00, SW1911PD Gunsite $1082.57 after tax, SW1911PD $947.57. Para for less than$1000.00, PXT 1911 PDA (Personal Defense Assistant) $997.85 after tax, Colt for under $1000.00, new agent, lightweight commander, combat elite, and defender are all around $900.00 after tax. Hope these comments help. comfort, comfort, comfort.

  • DaWankler

    You guys are all providing tons of great info. Just got back from 5 boxes through a mix of a Kimber Gold Match II, an SW1911, a Charles Daly, and a Taurus PT1911 (it was every one they had available for rental).

    The Kimber and S&W are both top notch firearms, and I’d be hard pressed to pick one over the other based on fit, feel, and finish. The Taurus shot well, but didn’t seem to be as polished all around, it just felt a bit rougher to shoot and the mag and slide releases both felt a little sloppy on the one I was firing (could have been the fact that it was a beater rental). The Charles Daly is much cheaper, but that thing was just kinda crap. In one box of ammo through it I had two stovepipes.

  • Rentals are often not maintained as carefully as we’d keep our own guns, so a reliable rental says a lot for the overall reliability of that model.

    Kimbers are very tight guns when new, and tend to malfunction through the first 500 rounds or so. Don’t clean the gun (if you can stand it) but do continue to use a CLP-type product on it during the break-in. The carbon buildup and oil works as a mild lapping compound to help everything smooth out.

    That was recommended by Wilson Combat in the literature they ship with their 1911′s and it has worked well with my two Wilsons and my Kimbers.

  • Two words: Springfield Armory. I’ve personally jacked up one of my pistols, had a local smith attempt to fix it, and then sent it to SA for a proper fix. Cost: $25 return shipping. Springfield’s pistols are very well-built, and their service is absolutely second to none.