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Missing a few brain cells? Join MATA and drive a (short) bus!*

I seem to remember recounting my adventures after getting hit by a MATA bus a while back.  Of course, I’m not sure if I had this blog yet, so I don’t know.  It could have been Livejournal.

(edit:  Yeah, here it is.  Hah.)

Anyway, I was at an intersection, in broad daylight, with someone in the car with me, and a MATA (short) bus* made too sharp of a left…it basically hit me starting in the middle of the side of the bus, and continuing onward from there, with the bus scraping against my bumper and shoving my car backwards.  The bus didn’t stop, and the driver claimed to have “not seen” me, and to have “not noticed” that she’d hit me.  Right.

I got some money from it (in return for basically not trying to blame them for it in the future, or something…I guess that’s what they call a “settlement”, lulz), and really didn’t think about it any more, except I don’t go through that intersection during MATA operation hours, because the driver was only “suspended” for 2 days.  Which is comforting, isn’t it?  I’d hate to be a pedestrian in that area of town.

Today, you might have seen on the news that the South is getting kind of a weather beatdown – it’s not anything that doesn’t happen EVERY FREAKIN’ YEAR (c’mon, Memphis, get with it – it’s not Spring until we get one “holy hell, what’s that?”-esque snowstorm…it’s just a week earlier this year), yet people still freak out and drive like idiots.

JB and I were headed back to my house from his house, and were attempting to beat the storm…which was kind of dumb, considering that we were headed west, and it was headed east.  Bygones.  So we drove right into it, and the fun began.

Trucks driving like the ground was dry, people without their headlights on (seriously, if you’re driving a white car during a snowstorm without your lights on, you deserve to get hit), and general jackassery abounded, as it usually does in situations like that.

There’s an area where 40W merges into Sam Cooper, and JB and I were approaching it, when we saw this MATA (short) bus* “merging” to the left.  Which means that it, like most semi-trucks, was just turning its blinker on and kind of going for it without making sure there was no one in the way.  After coming over one lane in our direction, it proceeded to try to continue into our lane…into the spot which we were currently occupying.

Not being the type to put up with such fucktardery lightly, JB honked the horn for a bit, and then when the bus jerked back to the right, we drove by, continuing on our merry way.

The driver flipped us off.

Oh, really?  I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that it was your turn to be in that spot.  We didn’t get the lane-occupation schedule.  Is there a committee for that?

So I flipped the bird in return, and we kept going…to see another (short) bus* acting like there was no one else on the road.

It’s times like these where I find myself hoping the center of gravity on those things fails the “weather test”.


*I say (short) bus only because it’s literally a shorter bus, and it’s able to carry the handicapped (has the little emblem in a prominent spot and everything), but the “short” is in parentheses because it’s not ONLY made to carry handicapped folks – if you’re on the route, you’re fair game.  I just wonder (*warning:  potentially offensive statement coming up!  O NOES) if maybe MATA isn’t trying to hire drivers who sympathize a little TOO much with their passengers.

Nyerk, nyerk.

(before anyone from MATA comes on here and tries to blast me for insinuating that their drivers are handicapped, two things:  one, the [short] buses are the only ones I see having this problem, and two, if you’re offended and really want to “set me straight”, show me some hiring qualifications and prove that you’re NOT hiring people who didn’t pass Driver’s Education.  thanks.)

4 comments to Missing a few brain cells? Join MATA and drive a (short) bus!*

  • eek

    you got a number and reported it, right?

  • Jessica

    yeah. i definitely don’t miss the tennessee snowstorm freak out driving.

  • ParatrooperJJ

    Plate number and complained right?

  • Squeaky Wheel

    I couldn’t see the plate – when the driver flipped us off, we were already well on our way to passing him, and there was no way in hell we were going to slow down to get behind it just to collect the number. Not in THAT weather.