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YGTBKM – Daily Mail edition

First, we have a 10-year-old who brings a BB gun to school, is suspended, and then written about in the Daily Mail as though he’s a horrible criminal who was out to kill all of his classmates.  Naturally, this is in the UK, but you really can’t tell any more, because we’re getting just as stupid about firearm “common sense” over here in the US.


Next,  Google Street View is blocked out in certain areas of England because of privacy concerns.  I have no snark about this action – I think Google has good intentions with their method of taking photos of every single freakin’ building that exists in the world so that people who are directionally challened can find their final destination without having to use a map and common sense (god forbid), but seriously, sending a van around to take photos at random times of day is just creepy.  I don’t see any possible way that could go wrong.


Rundown of Obama’s appearance on the Tonight Show.  Y’all, I can’t even pick anything.  There’s too much.  Read it.  The whole “Special Olympics” comment isn’t the only stupid thing outlined in there, it’s just put at the forefront to catch your attention and think that that’s the worst thing he said.  Obama, like Bush, is “publically stupid”.  Indeed.


Woman gives birth on plane, throws baby in trash, and then is given back baby by airline.  Okay, guys, obviously she didn’t want the baby.  She threw it in a garbage can, then went up to talk to people as if nothing was wrong.  So by you giving the baby back to her, there are a few things that are going to happen:  1 – she’s going to claim all along that she was embarrassed and just didn’t have the opportunity to go back and claim her child, stress of childbirth, blahblahblah, in order to resist charges; 2 – this baby, having been unwanted since birth, will be treated like shit by its mother for the remainder of its days, because she’ll have been forced to take it back by people who think they’re doing what’s best for it; 3 – on the plus side, she might be watched more carefully so that if she does start treating the child poorly, someone will take it and give it to someone who actually, you know, wants a child.


$53,000 in weekly expenses?  Really?  Do you realize what a total twat you sound like?  Oh, wait…you’re an investment banker from Sweden…obviously, what with all of the people transferring huge amounts of money into Swiss bank accounts, you have a skewed sense of monetary responsibility.

Also, getting the divorce team that you did, with the history it has, makes you look like even more of a money-grubbing asshole.

I can’t even begin to imagine being able to spend $53,000 a week on shit like clothes and a limo service, particularly when, in the next breath, I say I want to keep the cars, too.  If you can’t or don’t want to drive, why do you need cars?  Oh, because it’s another chink in your ex’s armor?  Ah.  Gotcha.


Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry, together again.  Or, for the first time.

3 comments to YGTBKM – Daily Mail edition

  • I thought Obama was outstanding. Obviously the Special Olympics comment was not his best decision, but for the first President on a show like this, I’d give him a B+.

  • rickn8or

    I can’t imagine spending $53,000 a week on something important, like ammo.

    But I’m certainly willing to give it a try.

  • eek

    my usual off-the-wall take -

    maybe the woman was freaked out and afraid her passport wouldn’t cover the baby. nobody said she was bright.

    google should be eliminated.

    you’ll shoot your eye out!