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I bought an EeePC 900A several months ago.  I was very excited, because I thought, “man, there’s no way I WON’T use this!  It’s so small!  And it has everything I need!  It’s so portable!”

Uh, yeah…tip for you guys:  using an operating system you’re not knowledgable about (i.e. Ubuntu, in my case), on an interface you’re not familiar with, spells “FAIL”.

A couple of months ago, the damned thing went haywire.  I couldn’t even use it for surfing the ‘net.  The update manager just went screwy and took everything else with it, and I couldn’t fix it, no matter how many self-help sites I went to, and how many troubleshooting things I ran.  I’m not completely computer illiterate, but I’m never at my best when dealing with unfamiliar computer situations…in this case, I took my time, did a thorough search for information, and was apparently having an error that was common, but in a different part of the system or something, I dunno, because nothing I did worked.  I’m kind of “special needs” when it comes to terminals, too, so…yeah.  All of my trying might not have amounted to anything, anyway, and I didn’t learn anything.  And the damned thing didn’t work.

So I had a brick, basically.  A very cute brick.

Then there’s my current laptop, the larger Toshiba that I’ve had since 2006, when I bought it during the tax-free weekend before school started.  It still works alright, but it no longer has what I need/want in terms of computing power/features, and the money to put together more components to make it faster and more efficient would just be better spent on a new machine.

Since this laptop is more than adequate for my roommate, Jazz (who surfs the net and writes papers, only), she’ll be buying it from me for a very reasonable price (less than 1/3 of what I paid for it, with all kinds of fun extra programs on it, like Photoshop CS2 and MS Office, for free).

I’m giving the Eee to someone who’s wanted one for a while – I wiped the drive, and that person is free to do what they wish with the damned thing.  (Happy Birthday, TD.)  With all of the work that he’s going to be doing to it, I figure he’s doing ME a favor by taking it.

So that leaves me without a laptop, right?

Well, okay, not so much.

I get emails from all the time with deals and stuff.  Normally, I ignore them, but yesterday I just kind of glanced through and noticed that they were having a sale on laptops.

The ones that were in the advertisement were all…well…not what I wanted, so I was ready to just write it off when, on a whim, I decided to look to see how far my current laptop style has come in the past 3 years.

It’s come along very nicely, actually.

So nicely, in fact, that there will be one arriving on the Brown Truck of Happiness on Monday.

I’ve sold a gun, and with that and that money made from selling my current laptop, I’m paying less than 1/3 of the price out-of-pocket.  I’ll call that a “win”.

(Yes, I’m uninstalling Vista and putting XP on there, because Vista can go die in a fire for all I care, especially MS Office 2007 – for fuck’s sake, there’s something WRONG with that program that an exorcism probably won’t even solve!)

Yeah, I’m pretty happy about that.

7 comments to *{geek}*

  • How was the EeePC in terms of battery power (hours) and memory?

  • ATLien

    That’s a problem with Linux. It works, but if anything goes wrong, and you don’t have some jedi skills, you’re screwed.

    I like Vista. I didn’t want to, but it’s neat, and pretty. But it’s SO SLOOOOW. I don’t want to reformat but I’m the Most Impatient Person Ever™, so i may have to go back to XP. I can’t wait for Windows 7. Word is MS got their act together on this one.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    Melly – It depends on the model that you get. I had a 4GB SSD (basically, a flash drive) for “hard disk” space, and 1GB of RAM (i.e. “memory”). It wasn’t that awesome, because I found myself trying to do more than the computer could handle, because I am an extreme multi-tasker…and the updates to the programs (which is what ultimately crashed the system) took up so much disk space that I couldn’t save anything myself…there was no room. It was so weird. So yeah, if you want one, get one with XP, with a larger HARD-drive (the SSD is neat, but they aren’t really all that large, and they’re more expensive), and with adequate RAM. Just like a regular laptop…heh. In terms of battery life, I have no idea, because I use my laptops with the plug-in, because I’m paranoid…heh.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    ATLien – Yeah, I tried to get into the “linux” mind-set, and I just couldn’t do it. I’m a PC, apparently. I have Vista on my desktop, and I just hate all of the “o hai i’m going to update now kthx!” notifications and the automatic stuff that it just…does. I mean, my computer’s idle right now, and something’s still going on over there – I can see my hard-drive’s light flashing. I mean, why? Heh.

  • DaWankler

    Damn, I was going to offer to buy the EEE off of you. I keep meaning to pick one up.

    You should wipe Vista (which I actually like and have been using very successfully at home) on the new laptop and put Ubuntu on it.

  • Squeaky Wheel

    DaWankler – I am totally not using Ubuntu, dude. I really don’t have the knowledge necessary to keep up with it. Windows is a bitch, but at least I know how to manipulate it to get it to do what I want, for the most part. Ubuntu is like a giant “buh?!?” for me.
    If I’d known you wanted to buy it, I would have totally sold it to you, but alas, it’s been promised to another…check for deals, though, because they’ll have really weird sales on the Eee sometimes.

  • Kmo

    “(Yes, I’m uninstalling Vista and putting XP on there, because Vista can go die in a fire for all I care, especially MS Office 2007 – for fuck’s sake, there’s something WRONG with that program that an exorcism probably won’t even solve!)”

    My favorite part of this whole entry. :)

    And yay for your new laptop!