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Gun Blog Black List

I have A LIST! Naturally.

1 -Women, you have GOT to stop putting yourselves in situations where you could be drugged and abducted!

I just heard a story yesterday where a woman was out with a friend at a bar (this was after they’d wandered a while, and a larger group of their fellow friends had dropped off and gone home), and the friend was in the back room playing pool while she was up at the front talking to some people she’d just met.  Next thing she remembers is waking up, mid-morning the next day, covered in bruises, naked, in a room that she’d never seen before, with people she didn’t know yelling at her to get out.  Her engagement ring was stolen, and her rape kit has STILL not come back, even after nearly 2 months.  This happened in New York – I heard the story from her mother. She tested positive for being drugged with GHB.

I don’t care how well you think you know a place, or how careful you think you’re being – a bar at 1am with people you don’t know is NOT the time for you to let your guard down.  I’m going to make a longer post about this at some point in the near future.


2 – WHY do some people put “high priority” on EVERY email they send?  The emergency is over.  It’s okay, we got through it.  Your “thank you thank you thank you!” does not need to blink and flash at me and make me think that something else has happened – that’s what we call an “unnecessary heart-rate acceleration”, and I have too much other crap to worry about, thanks.


3 – Schnucks, you suck so hard, I don’t even know where to begin.  HOW do you not have loose baby spinach?  I had to buy the bagged crap, which probably cost way more than the loose stuff, and was certainly way more than I needed.  I appreciate that you had those little plastic ice cooler things that you can put in a lunch box, which is more than Kroger has, but Kroger is still vastly superior, and I will never doubt again.  Until their employees piss me off again, in which case I’m going to slum it at Save-a-Lot.


4 – I really want to know why all of my professors have decided that this was the semester where all of the big projects for their classes would be due in the same week.  Better planning – that’s all I’m saying.


5 – If you work somewhere doing something where you feel that you are not being treated with respect, the wrong person to take it out on is the person who has actually stopped to pay you the courtesy of letting you do your job properly.  For example, the “safety officers” at CBU who guard the resident parking lot.  If you attend CBU, you know what I mean.  If you don’t, I envy you.


6 – I want to know why the Registar’s office has decided to tell me NOW, 3 weeks before the end of the semester, that they’re not changing one of my grades to what it’s supposed to be after I spent 8 weeks making up the work.


7 – Dear Dean of Fine Arts:  The internship program has been working just fine without you for the past several years.  You sticking your nose into it now is only going to fuck things up for those of us who already had everything lined up.  Find somewhere else to stick your nose, prefereably a bowl of molten jell-o.  Love, Bonnie.

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