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Before my Boomershoot updates – an announcement.

Dear People of the United States of America,

“Swine flu” is basically the same as the flu that you’re vaccinated for yearly (if you’re smart, which I never claimed to be).  The only difference is that it comes from pigs.  The CDC can’t even find a way to make it sound scary.

Stop being stupid.



4 comments to Before my Boomershoot updates – an announcement.

  • There’s one key difference. Swine flu is estimated to have a 6% mortality rate, vs the normal flu’s 0.1% mortality rate. We also don’t have a vaccine against swine flu. If it is of comparable contagion to the normal flu, we could be in big trouble.

  • Is it bad that the first thought I had was, “Well, there’s one way to cull the population…”?

  • rickn8or

    Well, if it is, we’re bad in parallel; it was my first thought, too.

  • bullbore

    It has the same name but it is not the same virus. Immunity to viruses is established by the proteins and sugars they carry on their coat. There are many variants of the proteins. The Mexico (swine) flu is a strain A H1/N1. This flu has not been seen in America since the 1918 Spanish flu (Why have the media refused to stick with traditional naming for this pandemic? It should be referred to as the mexican flu) pandemic, where mortality was around 2.5%.
    The scary bit is that we really haven’t seen this flu since 1918, there are probably very few people who are immune