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Boomershoot 2009 – Epic Post #1 (Wednesday/Thursday)

Note to everyone:  Photos that I took, from Nashville to Boomershoot and back, can be viewed on Flickr.  They’re in the process of being uploaded, and it might take a while, because the files are huge.  A lot of them were taken while either driving or flying, so yeah, they’re blurry.  The ones from the hotel that are blurry?  I didn’t have my tripod.  So there’s my obligatory “don’t hate my crappy photos” disclaimer.

On to the trip!


Wednesday afternoon, JB’s mom and her friend picked JB and me up from school to take us to Nashville so we could check into our hotel and try to get some sleep.

Naturally, (TMI coming up), I started my period that night.  That, combined with the carsickness (we watched “The Sweetest Thing” on the drive up, and I’m not kidding, that’s one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen) and the lack of FOOD in the hotel (finger food is not food.  please take note, Renaissance Hotel), kind of added to a crappy night.

Oh, AND AND AND we were promised a whirlpool tub, complimentary water and coffee, and various other accoutrements.  The complimentary bottled water was under the TV, and I swear to god it was an 8-ounce bottle.  ONE bottle.  The coffee was also under the TV.  There were two bottles of Fiji water on the bathroom counter (24-ounce), and they both had $5 price tags on them.  Srsly, Ren?  I mean, really?  Well, fuck you, too.  The bedroom was kind of small, and the bathroom looked exactly like the bathroom I’d had 8 years ago when I stayed at this hotel for the TN All-State Honor Band event.  I mean, we might as well have gotten a lower floor and saved the money and disappointment as far as that goes.

What wasn’t shitty about this hotel?  The view.  Holy crap, the VIEW was AWESOME.  I took lots of photos.  This is one of my favorites:


Yeah, the composition kind of sucks, and yeah, it’s a little blurry, but the Batman Building (aka AT&T building) and the Ryman Auditorium are both in it, and the colors are awesome, so there.

The night passed uneventfully, and we awoke at 3:30am only marginally prepared to face the long day of traveling ahead.

Here’s the view from our window at 4am:


Our limo arrived on time (seriously – check the Flickr album), and we drove in ridiculous comfort for 15 minutes to the airport, checked in, checked our bags, and headed to the security checkpoint.

JB’s never flown before, so I coached him through everything, but neglected to tell him that he needed to take absolutely everything out of his pockets before going through the metal detector.  His phone set it off, so back he went.  I, of course, got through without a hitch, because after being patted down on my way to Detroit last year (because I was wearing a sweatshirt – I shit you not), I made it a goal to never get held back again.  Stupid TSA.

We got some breakfast with The Nerdiest Waiter in the World while waiting for our flight to board:


Not pictured:  BACON.

JB was kind of nervous.

We had female pilots for both flights – for the Denver to Spokane flight, we actually had a completely female crew.  Both flights were amazingly smooth, with awesome landings.

We arrived in Spokane with minimal psychological damage, and made our way to the rental car counter, where we were informed that we had to wait a few minutes for them to find out if they even HAD a car.  I said, “I hope you do…I reserved it several months ago.”

Finally, a call on the walkie-talkie came through, “Yes, we have an economy car.”  The employee at the counter cheered and started us through the paperwork, which is when we heard the most unintentionally hilarious quote of the day:

“Please note that there are no hubcaps.”

And…well, there were no hubcaps, as you can see in this photo that JB so thoughtfully took while we were driving around a mountain on our way to Idaho (we stopped at a lookout point to get photos of the scenery, which was ridiculously awesome):


That’s a Chevy Aveo, which I was considering buying last summer when I had to find a replacement for my Corolla.  It made its way over gravel roads, steep terrain, sometimes both at the same time (OMG), through tall grass, etc, and it did well.  I’m sorry I passed it up for the Focus, because compared to this car, my car blows horse nuts.

(This is the kind of quality entertainment you come to this blog for, isn’t it?)

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t feeling too well, so the decision was made while we were on our way to Orofino that we would just head to Trib’s Place and crash until the other bloggers got there, at which point we would visit with them and go eat dinner.  I was supposed to head to the Boomershoot site for the Blogger Day activities (which included building boomers and watching a fireball, among other things), but honestly, I was so tired and felt so awful that I didn’t trust myself to be coherent.

The first person to arrive while JB and I were having a snack in the Great Room of the lodge was Dave…I honestly don’t know if he has a blog, and I’m not sure what his connection to the group was, so pardon my not giving more details to that end.  We chatted with him for a while, and then other folks began showing up.  David and Derek arrived, followed by ET and JD.  We chatted briefly, then headed to Ponderosa for the Blogger Dinner (JB stayed home to sleep), where I saw Kevin, met TriggerFinger and Alan, saw Ry and Joe (and family…his wife Barb and son-in-law Caleb were there, as well)…and I’m totally drawing a blank on other folks who might have been there that night.

Joe asked me why I didn’t show up to the day’s festivities, and said, “I’m sure there’s some sort of saga…”  Well, yeah, I was exhausted and sick, the rental car was given to us late, and traveling all day exhausted me.  What can I say?  I’m kind of a pansy like that.  I really am sorry I missed it, though.

After dinner, we headed back to Trib’s, and I went to sleep.  Everyone else apparently stayed up until 1am talking and hanging out.

Next entry:  Friday.

7 comments to Boomershoot 2009 – Epic Post #1 (Wednesday/Thursday)

  • Was the Aveo picture taken on the Lewiston hill overlooking the Clearwater River Valley? It sort of looks like it. There is a nice view there.

    Thanks for coming out. I hope I didn’t give you too bad a time about missing out on things. I realize it was tough to get away from classes. You are quite welcome to attend again next year and since you missed out on the main event the same deal applies.

    • I think so? I’m not sure. We drove in a bunch of circles around a mountain, and there we were at a lookout. It was awesome.

      I don’t think you gave me too hard a time. I’m going to plan to come and actually ATTEND the event this year…I missed classes yesterday, anyway, so it’s not like leaving early did any good, anyway. Thanks. :-)

  • rickn8or

    There is nothing more rugged or indestructable than a rental car.

  • Tam

    A Little-Known Fact: You can throw a rental car into “Reverse” at a much higher rate of forward speed than you can your own car. Also, if the bags of ice keeping the beer in the trunk cold start to leak, rental cars are designed to allow you to shoot drainage holes in the floor with a .45ACP.

  • Mark

    You stop at a place with an awesome view and you show us a picture of the CAR???

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