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Yes, I broke my nose. No, I don’t look like someone beat me up.

I’ll write about the events leading up to this situation when I get to Saturday’s rundown of Boomershoot (which will have to wait until this evening).  Some of you already know.  Others are probably like, “Uh…how the hell did she do that?”  Well, I didn’t do it entirely alone, but like I said – I’ll let you know the whole story later.

The point right now is to let everyone know that “broken” doesn’t mean “smashed and bloody”.

In fact, the only reason I know it’s broken is because I moved the skin around and compressed the area of impact a few times to make sure the pain wasn’t just in the skin (i.e. just a bruise).  The point of impact feels just as horrible as it did right after I got smacked in the face.  The rest of my nose is like, “meh” already.

I took this photo on Saturday night, before going to the Boomershoot banquet:


Seriously, it looks like nothing.  Yeah, the bridge of my nose is swollen.  That little red dot is the point of impact, where I bled just a bit before my body decided that it was too cold to waste precious blood on an injury.  If you know me, and you’ve been looking at me a while, you can see that something is…off about my nose.  Otherwise?  So not a big deal.

Sunday morning, on the way to Spokane, here’s what it looked like (also, this was taken with my cell phone):


That’s not bruising around my eyes, by the way – they always look like that when I’m tired.  Which means they pretty much always look like that.  The nose, though – the bruise is coming out, and by this point, my nose felt about 100 times worse than it did the day before.  That dark spot toward the end of my nose is bruising that moved from the bridge while I was asleep.  Still not a horrible injury.  I’ve seen (and had) worse.  I only have a bridge on my nose because I ran face-first into a window when I was 18 (that’s a fun story…and this one isn’t nearly as embarrassing).  I have a deviated septum because six months before THAT nose-break, I came up too quickly out of a pool and smacked the bottom center of my nose into a water slide.  Before my nose fully healed from that, I could push it to the side and it would stay there.

Right now, the key feature on my nose is what I call a “cartilage bubble” – it’s a pocket of fluid that came up after things were jostled around, and it looks like a pimple or cyst.  It’s dying down, though, so no biggie.  My nose feels “stiff”, and I keep getting weird tension pain on the bridge of my nose radiating across my eyes, but overall, if I was going to break something while I was out in the middle of BFE, Idaho, this was ideal.  Clean, small, and minimally-inhibitive.

No, I’m not posting current photos.  There’s nothing else to see.

So there you have it.  I went to Boomershoot and get the worst injury there on my first trip.  And I still managed to have a good time.

10 comments to Yes, I broke my nose. No, I don’t look like someone beat me up.

  • DaWankler


  • Ace

    …but at least you *didn’t* lose an eye.

  • Broken noses are the thing to choose if you simply MUST break something. Glad you didn’t get a bad shiner or the full “Raccoon Eyes” effect. Of the non-life threatening bits one can fracture, toes and fingers are really annoying to deal with. Don’t get me started on collar bones.

    The important points from my perspective are that you had fun and made it home alive, with a good story to boot. Sorry for the injury. Welcome back. Congrats on the fun! I’m jealous.

    • I broke my toe a couple of years ago, and I STILL can’t wear high heels for longer than maybe an hour.

      I did have fun, I definitely made it home alive, and I have plenty of good stories, just no time to post them right now…lol.

      You should come next year!

  • Pretty much impossible to lose an eye with that scope — the eyepiece is large enough that it hits your eyebrow first. (I know.) Oddly enough I’ve also generally gotten scope hits on the nose, not the eyebrow.

    Very glad it’s healing. Still feeling guilty.

    • There’s no reason for you to feel guilty! You tried to warn me, and how the hell were you supposed to know that I was going to hold the scope so close to my face? You weren’t, you didn’t, it’s all good. It’s healing nicely, and I would have much rather gotten smacked in the nose than in the eyebrow…I already have a permanent sardonic look because of a scar on my left eyebrow. I don’t need to look like The Joker.

  • Mikee

    Within 7 days of breakage, see your ENT or plastic surgeon to at least make sure things aren’t going to get worse from here on out. There might be no better time for that reconstructive surgery most of us get on the deviated septums before we get too old.

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