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*UPDATED* Okay, posting a direct link to my survey in an attempt to get more responses.

Okay, so here’s what’s going on:  there have been several folks (student and otherwise) who’ve filled out the survey, but have skipped questions (I realize they’re close together, so it’s not like I’m mad about it), so I’ve lost data.

If you click on the link below, you’re agreeing to several things:

1.  You’ll respect that my information and that of my professor ARE on the site.  This is required for my study, and I realize that this kind of blows whatever anonymity I have out of the water, but I’m kind of desperate for responses, and I’m particularly interested in getting the kinds of varied responses that would come from my readers.  I also trust that my readers who choose to take this survey aren’t trolls.

2.  Your name will not be used in conjunction with any part of the study.  You only have to enter it in order to give consent to take the study.  This is something that’s also required under ethical guidelines for the APA.

3.  If you want to know results, you are entitled to them because you’ve participated in the study.  Please email me at any point if you have any questions.

Without further ado, here you go: Terror Management and Self-Handicapping.

EDIT: 100 respondents!  Here’s the new link!

I have 79 responses.  21 more, and I have to create a new survey.  If you’re unable to sign up, please email me immediately and let me know so that I can make a copy and post a new link.


2 comments to *UPDATED* Okay, posting a direct link to my survey in an attempt to get more responses.