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NRA Convention Road Trip for Charlotte, 2010

Whitebread asked me to draft some folks to see if they would be interested in the following travel proposal for next year’s NRA convention (held in Charlotte, NC, from May 14-16).

Ready for this?


Charlotte is an 8-hour drive from Jackson, TN, which is where this road trip would be originating.

Along the way, we will be stopping in several major cities in TN, as you can see here on Google Maps.

Nashville, Cookeville, and Knoxville while we’re still in TN, and Asheville on the way to Charlotte in NC.

If possible, we would like to (get ready for this, it’s pretty awesome) RENT A BUS to get there, picking folks up along the way, and dropping them back off on the way back.

Whitebread is currently researching the potential cost, but it’s estimated that 8 people would diffuse the cost of the rental enough to validate bus travel as being more cost-effective than individual travel by car.

Here’s the awesome part, for all you geeks (which is, well, all of us):  There will be wireless internet (3-G) available on the bus, and ways to charge all of your electronic tools during the trip (for blogging purposes, naturally), so that you won’t be cut off, and can travel in relative (mental and emotional) comfort.

Physical comfort…well…you’ll have plenty of room to move around, that’s for sure.

I’m not entirely sure as to the size bus that’s being researched, but bringing it up now ensures that anyone who might even be remotely interested (I’m looking at YOU, Memphis, Knoxville and Nashville bloggers!) can make tentative plans to join us in this utterly awesome, ridiculous adventure.

BONUS:  The bus will have enough storage for you to be able to load up on stuff at the convention without having to worry about fitting it into a suitcase for flying, or into your trunk for travel. 

It’s a total win-win situation, folks.

I used to have a commercial driver’s license, and I would totally be down for driving part-way (it’s not hard to get another one…seriously).  Research on that aspect is still being done.

So what say you, bloggers?  You down for a Gunblogger Road-Trip?

4 comments to NRA Convention Road Trip for Charlotte, 2010

  • Sure, I’m in. Swing by Texas and pick me up.

  • chris

    probably would be easier and more cost efficient to rent an RV… the drive to Jackson isn’t that bad… i did it 2 years ago from Greensboro NC…

    I am quite sure that there will be a huge contingent from and from and probably from the ARFCOM carolina… all good guys and gals…

    I will be eagerly watching to see what club hosts the range days, there are several very good ranges in the area.

  • Good idea, but I’ll have to put myself in the “undecided” category for now.

  • Well, as a Knoxville-region weblogger, I would probably be onboard for that… assuming I get final approval from my financial adviser / social director / wife.