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More “research” from Britain – *opinion of general population redacted for unfairness and inaccuracy*

Anyone who reads this blog from Britain, if you disagree with me that your taxes are funding class-act fucktardery, try to find me a study from your government that doesn’t try to prove something really stupid. (PLEASE. I’m BEGGING YOU.)

Like the one that says marijuana (which the country has been trying to ban for years) can cause insanity. (This is a new article, that says some 50-odd researchers are supporting the findings…but they’re STILL not listing any numerical clarification – just the same old “chances of insanity increase by more than 40-percent, blahblahblah” bullshit.)

Or that skinny people find fat people repulsive because of an immune defense (which seems a little contrived, given that the country decides your health care – they’ve already banned smoking “for your own good” – let’s see if now that “research” supports it, they will ban cheeseburgers and make yoga classes mandatory).

Fat people aren’t hated by the population because of some “sign of disease” that being overweight represents.

If that was the case, then being curvy wouldn’t have been “vogue” so many hundreds of years ago. It’s a sign of excess, and a sign of having enough to eat. It’s always been that way. In nature, the larger males get more females, not only because they can win fights, but because their size shows that they’re able to provide for and protect the females.

The reason why being overweight is “instinctively” viewed as “repulsive” nowadays is because we’ve all had it beaten into our heads that being over a size 6 (or a size 32 waist, for men) is disgusting and socially unacceptable.

It’s NOT an immunodefense.

It’s NOT comparable to your body making you sick when you eat poisoned food.

Researchers carried out a number of experiments, including word associations and tests where they compared the reactions and views of men and women to obesity.

Oh, that’s REAL scientific. Good job. Using word association is testing OPINIONS, you fucktards.

The results show that people who agreed with comments such as “it really bothers me when people sneeze without covering their mouths” were more likely to agree with statement such as “if I were an employer looking to hire, I might avoid hiring a fat person”. The greater the fear of disease, the stronger the negative feeling about obesity.

I copy/pasted that. The grammatical error (subject/verb agreement) is all theirs.

It’s human nature to try to find a correlation between everything. And a correlation can be found between most things if you skew the information enough.

ALL this study shows is that there are a lot of people who are bothered by poor hygiene, who also happen to have a prejudice against fat people.

I’m willing to bet that if they asked some different questions, they’d find a correlation between the number of people who didn’t want herpes vs. the number of people who didn’t eat beef.

Or the number of people who viewed their race (whichever it may be) as superior vs. the number of people who preferred typing to hand-writing.

They say a behavioural immune system appears to have evolved in humans that is designed to detect body signs that are related to disease, like rashes and lesions. The sight of them triggers disgust as well as negative attitudes and avoidance. The system errs in favour of over-reacting because failure to react to a real danger could be fatal. (emphasis mine)

Uh, duh. People over-react because of studies like this one telling them that they’re supposed to be afraid of everything. You can’t be friends with fat people, you can’t be around anyone who smokes pot, and now if you even look at a fat person, your body produces an immune response?

This is not a conclusive-enough study, and there’s not enough evidence to convince me of anything other than that these researchers are idiots who wouldn’t know the Scientific Method if it sat on them and farted.

2 comments to More “research” from Britain – *opinion of general population redacted for unfairness and inaccuracy*

  • mightysamurai

    The greater the fear of disease, the stronger the negative feeling about obesity.

    “The greater the fear of disease”? What “disease” do all or most fat people carry that we should be afraid of?

    I could understand an employer not wanting to hire a fat person because it might be too much of a burden for the company health plan, but who really looks at a fat person and sees them as a walking bacteria factory?

  • All the study shows is the viewpoint of that particular culture. There are cultures in Africa where the women deliberately force themselves to get fat, as that is a mark of beauty in their culture. If a girl is not fat, they consider her unable to get a husband.