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Like I told John, I’m not a girly-girl. I don’t squeal at mice (I was the “mouse-disposal girl” at one job because I was the only one who would take the dead mice that’d been trapped and/or poisoned into the field next to the building, which is where they came from to begin with). Bugs annoy me, but if they’re small enough to squish without too much drama (i.e. effort or mess), then they’re gone.

Mosquitos, gnats, fruit flies, most ants, a few of the smaller types of spiders…I hate roaches and beetles, but mostly because they crunch when you kill them, and I hate that sound. I’ll usually shoo them outside if I can.

But if I saw (DO NOT CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK IF YOU SUFFER FROM ARACHNIPHOBIA) this thing on my porch, I would wet myself. And scream. And refuse to leave the house until TB killed it or got rid of it somehow.



7 comments to Oh, GROSS.

  • Thank you for the click warning; I shan’t go there.

    I do squeal and jump and shudder and just generally make a comedic ass of myself in the presence of wild rodents. And snakes. And spiders. But especially rodents. It’s not fear so much as a deep, deep, dark disgust.

    I will leave my home and let them have it. Been known to. If the cat leaves one at the door it stays there till my son comes to take it away. And I use another door in the meantime.

    I don’t do wild rodents. Dead or alive. Domestic rats either – the tail is enough to send me into horror.

    Totally irrational, I know. But it’s also why I have a cat.

  • It’s just a little spider. The only ones that bother me are black widows; we have quite a few of those around here. We also have tarantulas, most most people in this area don’t know that and have never seen them. I’ve handled tropical tarantulas that were as big as my hand, and they don’t bother me that much.

  • Loving Annie

    uhhh, squeaky, what link ?

    And I hate spiders. No matter how small. Or HUGE…..

  • John McElveen


    I’m sending each of you one boxed and sent as a gift in a most unique and unexpected way- like signing for Bobby’s little Dump Truck He fimnally won with 15 proof of purchases of Ice ceram seals——NOPE—-HE SCREAMS—It a Spider–his muffled voice trails off as the poison goes to work. The Ice Cream melting and dripping down his neck…

    OMG- Here’s Clares Coral Lipstick with the Moistuizer from QVC- gift box!!! Nope- it SPIDEY- grown bigger and more pissed from being in the hot plastic box, like a gay Spider! Her neck is in shreds as he spreads the lipstick with each of his giant eight legs into and exaxct replica/tattoo OF HIMSELF with the web—wafting gently over her face…..and FINALLY

    Loving- slipping snsually into the light and airy chenelle robe with the bright almost too colorful flowers on it- barely covering the places we were only suppossed to get glimpses of- and then feeling the tickling the light brushings of 8 legs between the thighs that you can hardly stand as it tickles a little to much and is moving a little to fast up into the dark, wet, warm,musty areas it calls home and disappears into the thickening bush…..and then the searing pin as first one fang- then another finds the tender parts of the voluptuious inner thigh…….

  • Yeah well, John, lucky for me I don’t order anything from QVC.

    And dude. Chill on the spiderporn, okay?

  • BabsRN

    ….it’s creepy.

    Get it? Creepy?

  • Gregg

    Carb cleaner, brake cleaner, or gun scrub ™ works great on black widows. Yes, I know it’s not environmentally concious, and don’t ask me how I know…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out we had tarrantulas around here. Heck with the scorpions and black widows it might just be overkill. Thank God for Geckos.