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Speechless? Almost.

Hollywood, you’re retarded.

Birth control for pigeons? Hey, why not just give ‘em that shell-thinning pesticide!

“We clean doo-doo all the time and are proud of it,” said Laura Dodson, president of the Argyle Civic Assn., the Hollywood group leading the effort to try the new contraceptive. “But our streets are getting bombarded by the poop way too much.”

Sooo…you’re going to attempt to control the pigeon population purely for aesthetic reasons? There’s got to be something more sinister going on here…birds attacking humans, or something. Right?

Oh! Here! They talk about people interacting with the birds…

The overpopulation, Dodson said, happened in part because of people feeding the birds in an area stretching from the Dix Street-Argyle Avenue area south to the neighborhood around Vine Street and Melrose Avenue.

One of the feeders, a woman known as the Bird Lady, gained notoriety after city officials and neighborhood groups pleaded last year for her to stop dumping 25-pound bags of seed in 29 spots around Hollywood.

“Our calculations showed that approximately 112 tons of bird seed were being dumped onto Hollywood streets annually, which translates to a staggering amount of pigeon poop,” Dodson said.

The Bird Lady and her flock of feeders sparked debate over whether to extend a pigeon feeding ban, enacted in 1985, that forbids the feeding of birds downtown Los Angeles, between 1st and 8th streets and Main and Figueroa streets.

“The core thing with pigeons is not to feed them,” the Humane Society’s Brasted said. “What is leading to the overpopulation is the feeding, which then, of course, leads to pooping and the ‘yuck’ factor.”

Oh. It’s still about poop. And they’re wanting to ban feeding pigeons? What the fuck is that about? You put ANY bird feeder out for ANY bird, and a pigeon is going to find it. They’re scavengers. It’s what they do.

“Some animal lovers say wild animals should be left alone and human interaction with them should be limited to an extent,” Brasted said. “We see that point and we wish that could be the case, but in taking a pragmatic stance, we would much rather they use contraception than poison or anything harmful.”

OvoControl P has been registered with the state Department of Pesticide Regulation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Developed by Rancho Santa Fe-based Innolytics, the substance contains nicarbazin, which interferes with an egg’s ability to develop or hatch, said Erick Wolf, Innolytics chief executive.

Soo…nicarbazin causes the eggs to be unable to develop, either internally in the female bird or externally once it’s been laid? And that’s not comparable to poison? How is this different than that DDT stuff again?

Oooh…this time we’re doing it on PURPOSE. Gotcha.

I can’t wait to see what happens when the insect population starts to rise. Are they going to ban people from watering their lawns to keep puddles from forming so that mosquitos “can’t” breed?

(Story found at Say Uncle)

3 comments to Speechless? Almost.

  • John McElveen

    I cannot believe we are still alive as a race! How damn dumb are we going to get??


  • I don’t understand why people don’t just catch them; pigeons are good eating.

  • Well, the problem with DDT wasn’t so much the effect itself, but the fact that it bioaccumulated. So once it got into the food chain, it tended to stay there. Most modern pesticides break down in the soil after a few weeks.

    The remarkable stability of the DDT molecule is why it was such an effective pesticide to use for malaria control. It was cheap, and once you laid some down, it stayed effective for a long time. But the same property allowed it to get into the food chain and stay there for a long while.