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Gun Blog Black List

I promise I’m not ignoring anyone.

If you’ve left a comment, and you’re awaiting a response, I apologize. I’m kind of at a loss as far as that sort of thing goes right now.

Must be something in the air. I think a lot of people are like, “meh” right now.

I GREATLY appreciate any and all comments. Especially on my gun post – all have been read, some re-read, and all opinions and viewpoints are being considered.

I post for me, obviously, but I would feel like a complete dork if no one was reading. And people are – and they’re responding. And some of them like me.

And that’s just totally cool.

As a “reward” – someone mentioned wanting to see guinea pig photos?

I’ve edited my Flickr account so that it won’t matter if outside parties go look at it.

There’s a flash sampling of the photos I’ve taken in the past few days down further on the sidebar – when you click on it, it will take you to my Flickr sets. I’ve been playing with my new camera – taking test portrait shots. None of them are edited, but some of them will likely be in the future, for framing and whatnot. We have a serious deficit of cute animal photos in this house.

Look around. Enjoy. If you’d like to add me as a contact, let me know via Flickr mail, and I’ll add you if I recognize you and feel comfortable doing so.

(side note: my condition gets worse and better according to a weird timeline, and i’m just entering the “ugh” phase, which affects how I feel emotionally and mentally as well as physically. it’ll likely be another couple of weeks before i’m out of this stage for a little while – just fyi. i’d list the symptoms, but it doesn’t really matter. just so you know that that’s part of the reason i’m posting without interacting a whole lot. some of my actions on here are meant to offend – this is not one of them. so if you’ve been reading for the past couple of days and are wondering “what the hell is this chick’s problem?”, please come back and keep reading. that is all.)

3 comments to I promise I’m not ignoring anyone.

  • If you were to respond to every comment, you’d have no time left for blogging.

    Actually, I don’t always see responses–I don’t always read comments, and sometimes lose track of the ones I’ve left.

  • Hun, you can’t expect to respond to every comment or, at times, to even keep up with them – neither should anyone expect you to. After all, you – as well as the rest of us – have a life outside the blog.

    Whatever’s going on with ya, I hope it gets better sooner than you think. For your sake.

  • John McElveen

    True Friends can go postless for weeks-then one post and your all caught up- comfortable silences between friends are powerful things- when you can just sit beside someone and——-shut the F___ up! Then hold thier hand or lock eyes- and know everything that needed to be said.

    Your my friend and I’ll sit quiet by ya all ya need.