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If photographs really contain a piece of your soul, mine is for sale.

You know that whole, “pick a date for your bill to be paid” option that so many websites have?  Like, cell phone bills, energy bills, internet bills, etc?

Well, our energy company, MLGW, has that option.  And I decided to utilize it.  And they decided to ignore it.

So instead of the bill coming out tomorrow, when it was supposed to (where I would have deposited my paycheck [which is happening this morning] and been able to cover it), it was taken out yesterday.

And then all of the money I spent on pet supplies and food in the past few days came out, and resulted in several overdraft charges.

So now the negative balance on my bank account equals my paycheck.

Failtacular.  Truly.

SO.  I will once again extend the offer of paintings or photographs.  Check out my Flickr page (there’s crap as well as good photos – send me a link to one you like, I’ll print it, mat it, and send it to you for $15 plus shipping), look at Zazzle (prices are as listed – I get a small commission on those items) email me and tell me a story, and I’ll paint an abstract interpretation (I have better paintings than the ones I posted photos of – they’re just on my walls right now – prices vary according to the size of the canvas and the amount of paint used, but shouldn’t realistically be more than $75-100 for a 16×20 canvas – 9×12 and 8×10 shouldn’t be more than $20-40).  I will be adding more photos to Zazzle for the blank cards products, and I have a few more t-shirt ideas, as well.

The beginning of a summer job is always iffy as far as paychecks go, and at least I didn’t get the horrible situation of last summer, where I wasn’t even put into the system until a month after I started working, but I started in the middle of a pay period, so I’ve been working for a month, and this is my first paycheck, and it’s not awesome, because they haven’t been scheduling me good hours.  Thing are picking up now, but it’s been a rough few weeks.

ANYWAY, things should settle out fairly soon, but until that time – I would like to offer items up for sale.  Seriously.  If you feel the need to hit up my tip jar, I will send you something, anyway.  It’ll just be a surprise.

4 comments to If photographs really contain a piece of your soul, mine is for sale.

  • This is why I continue to dislike electronic auto-pay.

  • OrangeNeckInNY

    Call up your energy company and bitch to them that they fucked up, took money out when they weren’t supposed to and caused your checking account to be overdrawn. They should refund your overdraft fee at least.

  • chris

    i had the same thing happen with my rent check the one time i tried to use my banks electronic draft option… landlord didnt get the check till after the 15th of the month, should have been the 1st…

    needless to say, i was pissed…