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Knives Infinity *UPDATED – situation has been resolved*

UPDATE: Entry here stating the resolution of the situation.  Everything’s fine – it wasn’t a scam, I used PayPal, and it’s been worked out.  No worries – link has been re-established, and I will be ordering again (with a different address, just in case) in the near future.


I told you guys I would update you with the order process and whether or not I could recommend them, so I’m going to go ahead and do that now.

I ordered a knife on May 14th.

I have not received the knife, though the company says it was sent.

Kris, the owner of the company, was very good at answering emails with concerns, and at communicating what he was doing to try to find out what was going on.

The knife was possibly lost in transit.  It happens.  Regardless, I don’t have it, but I paid for it.

Two weeks ago was the last I heard from Kris.

Today, I emailed him to ask for a refund, since obviously we were getting nowhere with the “what happened?” portion of the communication game.

I’ll let you guys know what happens.  My initial impression was positive, but it’s doing a nosedive right now.

Until I get a resolution (either a refund or a replacement knife), I’m removing the link from my sidebar.

2 comments to Knives Infinity *UPDATED – situation has been resolved*

  • Fair enough. Do keep us occupied… if the situation does not get rectified to your satisfaction, I will have no problems following suit with the link.

    Just picked up two new knives myself from “Two Point Enterprise” – they maintain separate storefronts for every brand out there, and their basic shipping got to me in three days. Not bad, and my way of protesting the possible banning of these things…

  • How did you pay? Please tell me it was by credit card and not debit card.