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Well, part of it went as planned, anyway.

Just as we were leaving for the doctor at around 7am, my stomach started hurting.

It hurt throughout the entire visit (where I successfully lobbied for Ambien – YESSSSS), it hurt while we were wandering around Wal-Mart waiting for the prescription to be filled, it hurt while we were driving through the bank to cash a check, it hurt all the way back to Memphis, and it continued to hurt until around 4pm.

That’s 9 hours of sharp pain in my mid-section.  I’ll spare details, but it wasn’t just gas – otherwise it would have stopped about halfway between the doctor’s office and Wal-Mart (poor JB…).

Between arriving home at around 11am, and finally having the pain subside at around 4pm, I realized that somewhere along the line, I must have ingested something that my body didn’t like.  Any attempts at eating resulted in vomiting, and I continued to have “other” issues, as well.  I’ve tried to remain hydrated, but it’s been difficult.  I finally downed enough Mylanta that things have since calmed down, but man, that totally put a cramp in my plans for the rest of the day.

Because I didn’t sleep well last night, I totally abused my Ambien by taking one at around 2pm.  I woke up at 7 to a text message, browsed around online for a bit while trying to wake up, then finally went downstairs at around 9pm to do the cooking I was supposed to do earlier.  I ended up cooking some purple-hulled peas and layering them in a container with couscous…those will be breakfast/lunch tomorrow.  I also made waaaay too many green beans with garlic, and will be bringing those with me to Clarksville to share with my family.

I’m going to pack tomorrow morning, after making sure my cats are taken care of as far as food, water, and clean litter are concerned.  My sister is going to check on them on Saturday night and Sunday, and I’ll be arriving home on Monday, so they might be bored, but they won’t starve or have to deal with copious amounts of poo underfoot.

By the way, the weight issue is what finally convinced my doctor that I need a solution to help me get some sleep.  You can exercise and eat as healthfully as possible, but if you’re not sleeping, your body is going to assume that your increased exercise and lack of sleep means that you’re running from something, and you’re going to hang onto calories around your mid-section.

I’ve weighed 180 pounds and had a 30-inch waist in my recent past (that’s about a size 12, and about as small as I can get, healthily).  I know that, naturally, I’m just heavy, because of my bone and muscle structure.  But being 200 pounds with a 35-inch waist?  SCARY.  I have a history of bad blood pressure in my family, and with the other stress I’ve been under, I don’t need to have to deal with the added stress of not sleeping.  This is what convinced my doc to give me some Ambien to try for a while.

I may update before I leave tomorrow, but if not, you’ll hear from me in the next few days, I’m sure.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend, and hopefully the cool weather we’ve been having these past few days will continue.

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