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I’m back. With a list.

1.  I managed to get Ambien from my doc last week when I went for my appointment.  I’ve since realized two things.  First, I’m horrified at what it takes to get me to sleep for 6 hours.  Second, I really hope that I’m always around someone I trust while under the influence of Ambien – that is NOT a pretty sight.

2.  My grandmother sold her house this weekend.  This means that my mom and grandma are moving to St. Louis.  They are the last family members, aside from my dad and sisters, who are in TN.  The rest of my family (the ones who actually care about being contacted, anyway) all live in the St. Louis area.  I’m a little melancholy about it, but I’m sure I’ll get over it, eventually.  I’m going to miss that house, though.

3.  JB and I received some not-so-great news this weekend that will affect our life negatively for the next year – possibly longer.  As a result of the financial crap associated with the news, our wedding is now a private affair (family and a few close friends only) with a reception for everyone else.  We’re still trying to work out what we can afford.  The good news for me:  due to price concerns, I don’t have to wear a wedding dress…heh.  I plan to find something green, with sleeves.  I don’t feel like talking about it much more – I’m still trying to adjust my thinking to include fewer things over the next year, aside from the wedding.

4.  This deserves a separate number:  despite our financial situation, we have a place to stay, thanks to JB’s parents.  They’re awesome.

5.  I’ve pretty much completely healed from the car accident.  Any pain I’ve felt in the past few days has been a result of the crappy board-like beds I’ve slept on at my grandma’s house and at JB’s.  Jeez.  Pillow-top from now on, plskthx.

6.  My cockatiel, Spider, has joined us in Memphis.  The animal count is up to 2 parakeets, a cockatiel, 4 leopard geckos, 2 cats, and a dog (at JB’s – there are also 2 cats there, but they’re outside, so I don’t count them as steadily).  Spider needs some TLC to get back to his loveable old self – being cooped up in a cage for 2 years after spending a year being slightly abused doesn’t do good things for an animal’s disposition.

That’s it for now.  My blogging sucks lately.  Sorry.  Life happens.


2 comments to I’m back. With a list.

  • Amy

    Delurking to say: if you’re looking for a website that encourages less wedding craziness than the knot, you might want to try (and the forums or the blog I just got married a couple of months ago, and those sites really helped me whittle down what was important to me without getting caught up in what I was ‘supposed’ to have.

    Best of luck with the financial and health situations.