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Nothing on this blog should be taken as being representative of the views and policies of Banfield:  The Pet Hospital.

Any advice or suggestions are from my personal experience from years as a pet owner, as well as from working in the field of pet health.

Banfield is not responsible for any outcome, good or bad, which results from following any advice or suggestions on this site.

This disclaimer has become necessary, and applies to past, present, and future posts on the topic of animal care of ANY type.

Any stories are from my point of view, and are not to be taken as an invitation to judge Banfield, its employees, or its policies.

Any questions directed at me will be answered to the best of my ability from my experience.  If I am unable to answer a question, I will direct you to someone who will be able to provide a satisfactory explanation.

Again:  this blog is not sponsored or condoned by Banfield:  The Pet Hospital.  My blog = my opinion.  (I thought that much was evident, but apparently I thought wrong.)

Thank you, and enjoy my blog.

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