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School. “Ugh” or “Yay”?

My final academic year of college begins on the 24th, so yesterday I decided to head to campus to take care of the things that were needed before that point.

Because classes start in a week, I expected there to be lines everywhere that I needed to be – the business office and bookstore, in particular.  I arrived just before 1pm, because JB was going into a meeting with his advisor about student teaching at that time (this is his last semester of grad school!), and I figured it would take me about as long to finish up my to-do list as it would take him to finish his meeting.  We kissed goodbye and went our separate ways.

First stop for me:  parking pass pick-up.  I filled out the form and was handed the little sticker for my windshield.  The officer who helped me was actually very friendly and helpful.  I stuck the pass into my purse and left.

Next stop:  Financial Aid.  I just wanted to make sure everything was aligned for me to get all of my aid before I went to the Business Office and was told that I’d missed something and would be unable to finalize (which just means “agree to pay us”).  I waited for about 2 seconds, and was then brought into the office of the head FA guy, with whom I had a run-in my first semester.  I expected issues, but there were none.  I thanked him and left, and then headed to the Business Office.

There was no line.  I was called to a window immediately, signed my promissary note (*rolls eyes*), and then asked for a voucher for my books.  After some rudeness (this woman is known for it), I got my voucher, stuck it into my purse, and consulted my to-do list.  All I had left was picking up my book for my “learning facilitator” position (aka “teaching assistantship”, but they don’t want to call it that for marketing reasons – srsly), and getting my textbooks.

I jogged up the stairs (bad idea) to the School of Arts offices, which are in the same building I was in, anyway, and made my way into the mail room, where my book was waiting in my internship advisor’s mailbox.  I grabbed it, flipped through it, and stuck it into my backpack.  Then I headed to the bookstore.

Yes, this story has a point.

I walked into the bookstore, expecting to have to hand over a list of classes to a disinterested work study who would grab the first book off of each stack, inevitably landing me one with highlighting and pen marks on every page (I hate that), and then I would have to stand in line holding approximately 90 pounds of books while someone at the front of the line argued about not being able to use their student ID to buy their books (as if the ID was some sort of magic credit card).

I found four people in the store:  two employees at the desk, and two people I knew wandering around in the tee shirt section.  The textbook area wasn’t roped off, meaning that I could actually go and select my own books.  Hallelujah, y’all.

After some confusion about how the texts are actually set up (it makes no sense), I got my books and headed to the checkout.  $373 later, I had checked out, and was done with everything I needed to do before classes started.

I started this adventure at about 12:50pm.  When I checked my watch after buying books, it was 1:10pm.


I checked the clock in the bookstore.

Yep, it’d only taken me 20 minutes to do everything.

Holy shit, dude.

I ended up waiting for JB to get out of his meeting for longer than it’d taken me to do what usually takes upwards of at least an hour to do.

If the school year would go this smoothly, I would be much obliged.

3 comments to School. “Ugh” or “Yay”?

  • rickn8or

    Yep, it’d only taken me 20 minutes to do everything.”

    It’s a sign of The Pocky-Clips.

  • rickn8or

    Ref Mel Gibson’s second “Mad Max” movie, the one with Tina Turner. “Pocky-Clips” was the feral children’s pronunciation of “Apocalypse”.