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On drug-seeking “fibromyalgieurs”

Earlier today, CrankyProf posted about the disturbing trend of fibromyalgia as a diagnosis, and the resulting drug-binging that happens.  (click through to Crass Pollination’s post – y’all, the comments are some funny stuff!)

I’ve been frequenting a lot of sites to try to find out what exercises would work best for fibro pain – I’ve found quite a few nice ones, and have purchased exercise bands and the like to do stretches and whatnot in the absence of a pool.  When I go to message boards to see if this method’s been working for anyone else, I see stuff that irritates the shit out of me.

I’m going to post this in its entirety, because it’s a classic example:

On Lyrica for 2 weeks. Last few days, my finger tips have felt really weird. Numb, of course, but this is another unexplainable sensation. Well, then last night, I noticed that I had a blister on the pad of my index finger….just like the ones you get on your feet with shoes. White, filled with clear fluid. Never had one on the pad of my fingers. I didn’t burn it and haven’t been rubbing it to cause a blister.

Very odd…and puzzling…wanted to see if anyone else has had anything similar?

Oh…and today I saw a neurologist for the first time for headaches and possible carpel tunnel. Somehow, I managed to get an appt for the next day after I call…UNHEARD OF! Get there and am in the room w/ the doctor in less than 10 mins. Then he says go do mri on head & neck…they call to schedule and they AMAZINGLY had appt right then & there! Then when I get to mri, they get me in & out in record time. I think the karma gods are screwing with me! Either way, I now have 3 more meds to add to my regimen. And my dumbass completely forgot to list Remicade on my existing meds w/ the new dr! I am getting so forgetful, and fast…scaring me a litle.

Thanks for any help on the blisters

I found this last night while looking to see what the heck the blisters I’ve been getting on the side of my fingers are (apparently they’re some sort of eczema, have nothing to do with fibro, and there’s nothing I can do other than keep using salve like I have been – okie dokey, then).  If I’d rolled my eyes any harder, they would have popped out of my skull.

This parading of doctor’s visits, complaining of forgetfulness, and showcasing of the number of medications being taken is the sort of behavior that makes me not talk to people at all about my FMS.  I don’t want to be judged as a drug-seeking titty-baby.  But because of people like that?  I am.  A lot.

I remember getting so pissed when my oral surgeon didn’t give me painkillers after my wisdom teeth were extracted.  I was 15, and was looking forward to not feeling any jaw or gum pain.  I ended up having to play my French horn and mellophone for three different purposes (two concert bands and marching band), and I popped all of my stitches before the end of the 10 days.  I was lucky to not end up with dry sockets, and now things are healed so well that there are only very slight pits where my teeth used to be.

I have horrible periods, with cramps that keep me bedridden for about one day per month.  Again, cue irritation at not getting anything to help me with it aside from Rx-strength Aleve.  (Pamprin is the best OTC treatment I’ve been able to find, by the way.  Take note, y’all.)

Now that I’ve been diagnosed?  I don’t really want to take any painkillers.  I have my Cymbalta, and I take a lot of vitamins at night.  I’m nowhere close to pain-free, but I’d rather have some pain and be up and doing what I need to do than be downing pills every few hours and become unable to deal with life without some sort of chemical buffer.

I like being able to participate in class.

I get joy out of being coherent enough to do a good job at work.

When JB is here, I like being awake enough to enjoy his company.  I also have a wedding to plan.  Srsly.

When I think about those things, I’m kind of glad that I didn’t get painkillers for my tooth surgery or for my cramps.  I feel like that kind of prepared me for what I’m going through now.  I think, “Okay, I’ve survived 14 years of once-a-month terror…I can deal with a little leg pain today.”   I try to drink enough fluids.  I rest when I can, and make sure that I don’t overload myself, physically.  I still manage to have fun, and still see my friends and family.

I have fibro, but I have a life.  And I have better things to do than to complain about it all day to either an echo chamber (not helpful, IMHO) or to people who, frankly, couldn’t give less of a shit.

5 comments to On drug-seeking “fibromyalgieurs”

  • CrankyProf

    What’s weird is that there are those I know that have the fibro diagnosis who aren’t whiners — they sack up, find their coping mechanisms our routines, and soldier on. It’s a handful of fakers seeking drugs and whiny titty-babies that need the attention as a better drug than any morphine derivative that give the rest a bad name.

    • Those people just irritate the shit out of me. Even moreso now that I’m connected to them by the name of a diagnosis. Fuckers. :-P

    • eek

      and unfortunately the few whiners are the ones that make things difficult for those of us who who “suck it up”. i’d like to have something a little stronger than naprosen and aspirin, but my difficulties in getting prescribed even things like ambien or cyclobenzaprin make me afraid to ask for it.

  • I am reminded of the quote about lawyers that says 99% of them give the other 1% a bad name.

    Fibro diagnosis or not, an oral surgeon who refuses to prescribe appropriate analgesics following oral surgery is, quite simply, an asshole.

    • Yeah, I’ve thought that many times over the years. Whether it helped me later in life or not to NOT have it, some sort of painkiller would have been awesome at the time, for sure.