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Blessings, y’all. Lots of blessings.

I know people who go absolutely nuts while planning their weddings.  Things go wrong, money gets tight, Bridezillas rear their ugly heads…you’re planning for an event that you’re supposed to only do once in your entire life, so there’s some pressure to make it awesome.

It hasn’t quite hit me, yet, but in less than 4 months, I’ll be getting married.

Is it stressful?  Yeah.  I have only a vague idea of the kind of dress I want to wear.  I haven’t picked out my bridesmaid dresses yet.  Flowers?  Hah.  Cake?  Double-hah.

If I think about it too much, I get a little edgy.  But with the way things have worked out so far, I can’t do anything but assume that however things work out, it will still be awesome.

I’m marrying my best friend.  I’d love it if the wedding went off without too many hitches, but it’s just a wedding – it’s the marriage that’s important.  One day compared to the rest of our lives?  Peanuts, y’all.

I still can’t help but think, though, how lucky JB and I have been, though.

In the past few months, several amazing opportunities have basically come out of the woodwork.  We’re having a ridiculously long honeymoon because someone just happens to have a cabin in the same area that we were planning to stay – and they’ve offered the use of it to us, for free.  We’ve been offered free engagement photos, and a huge discount on wedding photos (we’re going to have so many photos from the event…it will be madness).  Our reception invitations were designed for free, and the printing of them is going to be heavily discounted.  $150 worth of gift cards was given to us for the reception food.  People keep popping out of the woodwork and offering to help, and I’m absolutely floored.

It’s easy to forget, in the midst of all of the stress and bad stuff, that there are genuinely awesome things that can and do happen.

5 comments to Blessings, y’all. Lots of blessings.

  • J

    as a woman who ruined her wedding “America’s Funniest Videos” style, i can definitely confirm that it isn’t the wedding, but the relationship between the man and woman that counts. sounds like you’re right on track, i hope it goes perfectly for you. :)

  • Have fun at your wedding, and don’t go all Bridezilla. Make it a day to look back at, savor, and laugh at in the many years to come.


  • Have fun, and I hope that something goes wrong right away on The Day. That’s what happened to us, and it sort of broke the tension and we relaxed a bit.

  • Tracie

    It will go by so fast, you’ll be thankful for those photos.

    I can understand all those little expenses blessings, we had so many things done for free or at huge discounts. It was real helpful to a college student and church secretary living on little means. I hope you all have a great honeymoon! We’ll have to have married people dinner some time.

  • Enjoy the time. Life changes in a big way, and in ways you don’t expect when you commit to someone. May it bring you only happiness, not heartache.

    Best to you both.