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Michelle Duggar: balls of steel.

If you’d had so many children your uterus was in danger of rupturing, and you kept going, I would either think you were very stupid, or very brave, depending on your reasons and the results.

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with Baby #19, and all I can think is that this is a direct challenge, from her to God.

She and Jim Bob say that they’re not going to stop having babies until “God tells them” that they can’t.  Age and ability to procreate haven’t become an issue, so the only thing that’s going to stop this baby train is if something drastic happens to Michelle during either pregnancy or delivery.

So, really, she’s daring God to kill her.

That’s fucked up.

11 comments to Michelle Duggar: balls of steel.

  • Joe

    All metaphysical debates aside, my money’s on God.

    BTW, random question – was that you guys at A Tan Saturday night?

  • eek

    as long as they support themselves and train the kids right, she can have babies until it kills her for all i care. that’s one fugly outfit she has on, though.

  • rickn8or


    Yep. God Always Wins.

    • I hate to think about it, but I really wonder what kind of special things they’re going to have to do in order to keep her alive during delivery from this point onward.

      • eek

        people used to routinely have lots of kids because most of them did’t survive. she’s probably still in the “safe” zone as far as HER health goes. she’s looking at an increasing risk of birth defects for the babies, though.
        plus, how can hubby even get off any more? she’s probably big enough down there to park a humvee in…


  • It’s not just fucked up. It’s fucked up beyond all belief. All I can think of is a prolapsed uterus. God, people…use a condom if you don’t want to take the pill.

  • Christina – it’s not about birth control or not wanting to use the pill. The Duggars adhere to a Christian belief commonly referred to as “Quiverfull”, taken from Psalm uh 120something which says approximately “kids are like arrows (i.e. fucking cool) and you’ll be happy if you have a quiver full of arrows, and by arrows we mean kids.”

    Essentially, the mandate of the movement is the belief that God says “have as many kids as you’re able”, and then they so do. It’s most commonly associated with evangelical churches/groups, and there’s a decent amount of crossover with the homeschool movement as well. To characterize as “I’m going to keep having kids until I die” betrays a gross misunderstanding of the movement itself, and one of the key tenets of it which is responsible stewardship and parenting.

    Hoo boy, there I go again.

  • I dunno. All I can hear is “Every sperm is sacred”…

  • Just as long as she’s not quiveringly full on *my* tax money, it’s no never mind to me. Have kids ’til ya die? Okay by me. Just have a huge vast number of kids, put the older ones to work and retire after menopause? Fine. Have zero and preen yourself over it? Always worked for me!

    Other people’s lives are not my business unless they “pick my pocket or break my leg,” to borrow Thomas Jefferson’s phrase. Besides, somebody has to make up for my non-contribution. That said, it seems a strenuous hobby. Also, it’s a real good example why government-mandated healthcare coverage is a crummy idea — I end paying more ‘cos of their quiver.