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List o’News.

-  Went to the doctor on Tuesday.  I now have confirmation that it’s not all in my head – I really am gaining weight at an alarming clip, particularly considering how little my eating/exercise habits have changed in the past several months.  I am under orders to eliminate as much stress as possible, because it appears that my body’s seriously over-reacting to it.  So I’m resigning my post as VP of Psi Chi, and JB and I have split up the wedding and reception dates.  We’re now getting married in a civil ceremony in early November (immediate family only).  The reception is still at the same time/place, in December.  Trust me – this is a lot easier.  I’ve also turned over the reception planning to someone else.

-  Yesterday, JB and I went to the mall, and we picked out my wedding bands.  Yes, there are two of them.  They’re going to be flanking the engagement ring, because I want the whole thing to be balanced.  The prettiest and best-fitting ring also happened to be the least expensive (on sale for less than 50% of the original price!), so getting two wasn’t a big production.  We’re going to be getting his closer to the wedding date…probably in a couple of weeks.

-  I’m still dress shopping, even with the wedding being less than 6 weeks away.  Part of the reason I’m reluctant to pick something out is because I’m hoping to be able to lose some weight before then.  Not a whole hell of a lot, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to weigh 200 pounds, ya know?  I have found quite a few pretty dresses, on eBay of all places.  I’m getting a green dress, because fuck it, I never did want to wear white, or anything even remotely resembling white.  My boobs and hips look huge enough without help, kthx.

-  On that note, I rode my bike today because it was so pretty outside.  I mapped it on Google, and found that I went about 1.3 miles…it took about 10 minutes.  I was just a tad worn out at the end…and by “a tad”, I mean, “my legs were burning and I was breathing so hard I accidentally blew a snot rocket onto my handlebars”.  I’m really out of shape.

-  I’m going to be starting one of those diet plans where the meals are packaged for you.  I know someone else who’s had great success with it, and while there are a few things about it that bother me, I can’t say that I have a problem with it for the short term.  I just have to be careful not to lose too much weight too quickly, because of my gallbladder.  My ultimate goal weight is NOT something I’m expecting to reach by December 19.  That would be ridiculous, requiring that I lose 3.5 pounds per week EVERY week.  Not gonna happen.

-  I will be moving out to Covington next month, spaced out over a period of a few weeks.  The commute to school every day is going to be a bitch, but I’m more worried about my car holding out.  It hasn’t exactly been the most reliable thing in the world.  Luckily, my earliest class is at 10am, and I won’t be there past 4pm on most days, so I’ll miss rush hour.

-  I’ve been taking care of guinea pigs for a co-worker for the past month, and it’s been an absolute joy to have them around.  I love my cats…don’t get me wrong…but I’d forgotten how much I love piggies.  They’re ridiculously cute.  Alas, they go home this week.

-  I’m grading tests (taking a break from them to post this, as a matter of fact), and I’m kind of appalled.  I know I didn’t do well on my first test in this class when I took it a couple of years ago, but there are folks who failed before I got to the end of the second page (it’s a 9-page test consisting of multiple choice, short answer, and extra credit questions).  It wasn’t the test that was too hard…there are folks who made nearly-perfect scores, and there weren’t any questions that anyone consistently missed.  It’s just that folks aren’t taking this class seriously.  Oh, well.  I guess if they don’t hop to it after seeing their grades on this first test, they’re just going to be fucked.  *shrugs*  Not my problem.


On that happy note, I’m going to finish these up so that I can finish reading for my class tomorrow and try to get some sleep.

3 comments to List o’News.

  • Tracie

    Say hi to Cloud the next time you’re in Covington. I wonder if JB’s family lives anywhere near where we used to live out there in C-town.

  • Welcome to the thriving metropolis and cultural Mecca that is Covington! The rapid fire rifle shots you will hear are probably mine. Good luck on the move and the lowering of stress. I’d rather than a beating than move or paint a household again.

  • eek

    you look gorgeous in green.