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Johari and Nohari windows – class assignment

Hey, y’all…here’s your chance to tell me what you think of me, in 5 or 6 adjectives.

Go here to select positive adjectives:

Go here to select negative adjectives:

I’ve already selected mine, and when you enter them, you should see which ones they were.  It’ll show you how well your perceptions of me mesh with my perceptions of myself.

I have to write a journal entry about it, and the more of a sample size I have, the better, so if you think you know me, go for it.


2 comments to Johari and Nohari windows – class assignment

  • eek

    i think more of the things under “blind spot” should be labelled “facade” because the people who picked them only know what they see, and not what’s behind them. but considering the thing is about perception, i guess you have to let them slide…


  • Jerica

    I almost chose “idealistic”…I saw that you chose that as a positive adjective for yourself, so I just wanted you to know I’m aware of that, as well! :)