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Quickrant Activated.

There’s an anchor on Fox 13 that I can’t stand.

His name is Ernie Freeman.

He takes every opportunity he can to make snarky, totally unrelated comments on whatever story he’s presenting, and his opinion on almost every scenario that seems divisive?  It’s “obviously” racist.

Basically, he’s a douchenozzle who fits the profile for the theory that when you harp too much on someone else for committing some sort of act (like, say, racism or homosexuality), you’re doing it because you’re trying to deflect from your own fears of being whatever thing you’re bashing.  Like…a homosexual, or a racist.

(note:  by italicizing the word “thing,” I only mean that that’s the viewpoint taken by the person doing the bashing, not that my opinion of anyone is as such)

I don’t know who produced the spot for this story, but it was insulting enough that it made me pretty much boycott Fox 13 news for the time being.

It says that white Memphians like going to Tigers (college) basketball games, while black Memphians like going to Grizzlies (NBA) games.  At the very end of the spot, a black woman says, “It’s because they can afford the tickets, and we can’t.”  In this case, “they” refers to white people, while “we” refers to black people.

It makes no logical sense, but there it is.

And Ernie is the one presenting that story, and he is the “backbone” of the “Memphis in Black and White” series (which is basically an excuse to say, “Hey!  That’s racist!”)

It’s the most ridiculous and transparent excuse for ratings during sweeps month that I’ve ever seen.  Instead of FEEDING racial tension in Memphis, how about we just report on things that are happening.  I mean, you know, like your title?  “News Reporter”?

The comments at the bottom of the Fox 13 page seem to agree with me.

What do you think?

3 comments to Quickrant Activated.

  • It is crap like that which makes us avoid Memphis TV news entirely. Fox13 is particularly poor about replying to email comments/complaints/suggestion.

  • rickn8or

    What, Tiger High tickets cost more than Grizzly tickets??

    I miss most of this because I only see Fox13 News once a week (Sunday night), mostly because I enjoy watching the interns in the control room narfing things up and flipping the bird to most of their “news” coverage. “What’s the weather gonna be like in the morning?” seems to be the only worthwhile segment. That said, it’s (probably) the best news coverage in Memphis.

  • Tracie

    You think he even asked the patrons that question? Wouldn’t bet on it. Out of context quoting, anyone?

    That’s just…horrible. What about all the Hispanic and Asian fans? Do they watch at home, I guess?