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Year in Review, and Blog Maintenance Stuff

First, the blog maintenance stuff.

You might have noticed that I’m trying a very (very) rudimentary “subscribe to comments” service.  I’ve tested it quite a few times (in the goofiest way possible, using two laptops, my husband, and every email address I have at my disposal), and aside from the emailed alerts being fugly, it seems to work pretty well.  I’m going to try to pretty it up later, but I just wanted to announce that I’ve finally joined the ranks of those who make it easy for you to keep up with a conversation.

I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath.  So…you’re welcome.  :-P


Now, the year in review.

2009 was WEIRD.

I started the year by getting engaged.  That was awesome, because JB is awesome, and I’m very happy with him.

I’ve been to the doctor more this year than I have in the past 5 years combined.  That sucks, but I’m getting treatment, and things are looking up in small increments, so things are clearly working out, even if they’re not doing so quickly.

I also found out last week that, despite what doctors in the past have told me (thereby freaking me out something fierce), I have a nearly completely clean bill of health as far as my reproductive system goes.  So while the past several months of utter hell can’t be from anything but stress, at least they’re not from anything but stress.  Cancer-free, y’all.  This is very good news.

I’ve been consistently both the heaviest and biggest I’ve ever been in my life for the entirety of 2009.  Stress, medication adjustments, poor choices, moving, and a few other things contributed to that.  It’s been a constant battle, and it’s worn me down quite a bit, but I’m really no worse the wear for it – I just need to make better choices this next semester, and I have a wonderful husband who’s going to be making those choices with me.  It’s so much easier to do these things with someone else, you know?

I ended the year by getting married, having a reception/party, and going to East Tennessee for a couple of weeks (we’re calling it our “honeymoon,” but it’s really a “thank GOD the year is over” trip).

I worked with animals for a living for the first time this year, and loved it.  When I am able to get back into the work force with some regularity, I’m going to look into getting back into working at a veterinary clinic, if I can, from more of a tech perspective than a hawker.

I began writing for, and while I kind of dropped the ball there for a bit, I plan to pick it back up in the coming weeks.  My blogging also suffered, but again – busy year, y’all.

I’m on an anti-depressant that WORKS, which is an amazing feeling.  I feel like a whole new person.  I’m surrounded by people who care about me on a daily basis, and that’s done good things for me, overall.

I registered for my last semester of classes a few weeks ago, and it’s just now hit me that I’m about to finally graduate from college.  That’s an odd feeling, for sure.

There are other things that happened this year that aren’t really for sharing, but which had a huge impact on me.  I repeat – this was a weird year.


So what’s in store for 2010?

My last semester of school is upon me – I have classes 3 days per week, and 3-day weekends, which will be a nice change.  That will give me enough time to do homework without feeling pressed for time, and will also give me time to work more on actually getting things cleaned up around the house, so that we’re more comfortable.  JB will definitely be a big help there, as well, since he’s finished with student teaching and will be around the house at most of the same times I am.  I graduate in May.  That’s so strange to see in print.

I have a few projects and goals in mind for the coming year.

I’ve been remiss in participating in any shooting, and I hope to be able to do more of that as the weather warms up.  I’ve quite a few friends in the area who are also into shooting, and with most of us either living on or having access to safe shooting areas, I can foresee quite a few get-togethers centered around shooting – both guns and bull, if I know these folks as well as I think I do.  It’ll be a good time if we can all get our schedules coordinated.

Due to some of my health and money issues, I’ve decided to start making my own cloth feminine products.  I bought some online earlier this year, to get used to it (it’s quite a bit of an adjustment after 13 years of using disposable stuff, but it’s working pretty well for me), and to study how they’re made.  I found some patterns online, and have bought a bit of fabric (flannel and PUL for water-proofing – going to get some other supplies this upcoming week, because I know I can find them less expensively IRL than online) to try to make them in the next few weeks.  If it turns out to be something I can do fairly easily, I may try to make some to sell.  I have to get over my irrational fear of my sewing machine, first.  I’ll try to think of it as an adventure while I’m screaming at the giant knots forming underneath the material.

I hope to get back into singing, and I also hope to find time to finally learn how to play the guitar that JB got me for Christmas LAST year.

Other than that…I really can’t say what the year will bring.  I’m hoping for good things, but am prepared for not-so-good things.  I think that’s a pretty fair way to look at stuff, yes?


JB and I were supposed to leave Gatlinburg this morning, because of some things that came up, but the weather and a couple of other things kind of stood in the way, so we’re here until tomorrow.  Funny how something went wrong and got in the way of us trying to address something else that went wrong.  Couldn’t have predicted THAT, no-sirree.

On a brighter note, this gives us one more day of sitting around and enjoying each other’s company, and that’s never a bad thing.


I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!

2 comments to Year in Review, and Blog Maintenance Stuff

  • Tracie

    Well, for what it’s worth – Paul and I thought you looked great at the reception.

    And one more semester! Yay!

    • Thank you! :-) That dress and jacket went very well together, and I was pleased with how they fit. It was good to see you both there, as well!