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OH in class yesterday

(background:  one of my professors has us answer a random question that we pick out of an envelope, in order to make introductions to the rest of the class interesting.  this exchange begins with one of those questions.)

Random Student 1: “What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them?”  Hm.  I guess their hair.  And eyes.  And their face.

RS2: *draws circle around her face with her finger* Sooo…this general area…here.
*class giggles*
Professor: So, does anyone else have any other things they notice about someone when they first meet them?
RS3: Yeah, I notice whether or not they have a bump on their nose.  Like, if they have a bump, or if their nose is straight.
Me: I used to have a straight nose.  Then I met a plate glass window.
(I didn’t mention the scoping – it would have taken too long.)

2 comments to OH in class yesterday

  • Would I be correct in assuming that Random Students 1 through 3 were all women? ‘Cause guys tend to notice other things first.

    And a simple “I shot a gun with enough recoil that the scope broke my nose” would be a mostly accurate, if incomplete, summary for conversation-starting purposes, I’d think.

  • Tracie

    What a nice way of doing class introductions.

    David – I’m sure that even if one of those students was a guy, he wouldn’t admit to what he REALLY notices first…