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I don’t understand what happens to my formatting to suddenly cause my blog to NOT want to double-space when I hit “enter” while typing an entry.

It will do this to individual entries, and nothing I can do (within my admittedly narrow field of knowledge on coding and stuff) will fix it.

Like that last entry?  It should totally be formatted MUCH MORE NEATLY than that.

Thoughts?  Can anyone think of what might have happened?

2 comments to …buh?

  • Have you updated WordPress recently? Sometimes blogging engines treat line breaks as [br]s, and sometimes they treat them as [p]s, and depending on how your CSS sheet is set up, those HTML tags can produce different results. MovableType has issues with linebreaks inside of blockquotes, but I am not sure about WP.

  • WordPress does this when you swap between the visual tab and the html tab. On the visual tab, it will put in the double space. Single spaces on the html tab. I guess they assume that since you are in the html tab that you will put in the tags.