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Sorry – no update for a bit.

I had planned to write about the gun range decision in more detail (along with speculation, a supposed case of fraud on the part of the guy representing the would-be builder, etc.), but I got home late last night, and today has been really…um…well, it’s kind of sucked.

I’m having trouble typing because of some sort of infection in my finger (cellulitis?  something having to do with me pulling a hangnail out last week, I’m sure), and so the review will have to wait until such time when I don’t have to actually *think* about typing.  This measly blog entry has taken much longer than it should have.

So, sorry – but I promise that when I do update, it will be more than, “Um, so…they said no, and I think that’s awesome.”

2 comments to Sorry – no update for a bit.

  • Don’t mess with cellulitis! I have been fighting it since last summer in my left leg. Get rid of it!! ASAP!! The cellulitis, not the finger!

  • Brandon

    I took this picture of Sarah while she was showing me her finger that had been infected and was in the process of healing. My cell-phone camera sucked, and Sarah was getting a little tired of the repeated re-takes. The end result is one of my favorite pictures of her.