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English is a dastardly language, no?

I am taking a forensic anthropology class, and since I missed Thursday’s class due to all of the cardiology activity going on that day, I had to stay late last night to make up a lab worksheet on the bones/plates that make up the skull.

While JB and I were driving back to Covington, we chatted a bit about the class.

Me: …and I can’t remember anything about what the cheekbones are called, except that it starts with a Z.

JB, excitedly: Xylophones!

Me: Um.  Except…that starts with an X.

JB: …It sure enough does, doesn’t it.

I still can’t remember what the damned bones are called, but now I won’t be able to look at the molds in class without having the urge to hit them with mallets.

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