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WTF, Poland? YGTBKM.

In case you haven’t heard, pretty much the entire government and military leadership of Poland was killed when their plane crashed during a landing that was ill-advised.

They were on their way to a memorial service.

I don’t want to be extremely cold-hearted here, but SERIOUSLY?

This doesn’t seem real.¬† In what universe did it seem like a good idea to put that many integral members of the country’s leadership on ONE plane?

And what stupid sonofabitch would try to land a plane in the fog more than once, if at all?

Poland might have the population with the highest IQs on independent tests, but this situation definitely lends credence to all of those Polack jokes (like the submarine with the screen door), doesn’t it?

Having gotten my bitchy incredulity out of the way, I will say that my thoughts are with the country, and I hope that they don’t suffer any more unrest than is absolutely necessary to get their government back in order after this horrible tragedy.

3 comments to WTF, Poland? YGTBKM.

  • You know, my first thought was exactly the same. Why the FUCK did they put everyone on the same plane?!

  • eek

    there’s a reason for polish jokes.

  • Jesse

    Call me suspicious, but I can’t help but wonder about this crash. The Poles were going to a ceremony to remember a bunch of Poles killed by Russians. They were all on one plane, landing in Russia. The investigators are Russian.

    I hate being this cynical, but I think that it would have been fairly easy to cause a wreck if someone wanted to.