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Go offer your emotional support and encouragement.

Danno of SandCastle Scrolls is dealing with a situation that every pet owner dreads:  the demise in health of his cat, Princess.

Princess is suffering from upwards of 10 seizures per day (full-on, total body, thrashing with loss of muscle control), and anti-epileptic medication has not toned down the severity, nor the number, of the seizures.

Please go offer encouragement and support.  This is one of the most difficult times for any animal lover, when the decision to end a pet’s life in order to lessen their suffering is at hand.

Go in peace, Princess.

2 comments to Go offer your emotional support and encouragement.

  • Thanks for your help today. She only had one seizure in 4-5 hours she sat with me last night. I was thinking maybe we ought to give her the weekend. But I’m sure you are right… Thanks for weighing in at a tough time.

    Danno & the SandCastle Crew

    • If her seizures are lessening, and you’re able to administer the medication, see how she does this weekend, and make your decision next week. There’s definitely a possibility that the medication needed some time to work its way through her system and have a positive effect. See what happens this weekend. Give her treats and love.

      Either way, I wish you the best, and I appreciate your confidence in my opinion.