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The job search continues in a new direction.

I have my degree in psychology, but English and literature are two exceedingly dorky subjects I also love.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve tried too many times to start a book, and I keep getting stuck in the same place.  Charts, graphs, lists…none of the tricks work.  I just have to stop entirely.

I applied for the position writing for the Examiner because I figured it would be a good way to get my feet wet while writing about something I was currently surrounded by:  pets.

I’d pretty much resigned myself to either a crappy caseworker job at a location north of here (the pay sucks, especially for that’s required, and the commute to get there), or a crappy counselor job at what’s basically a remedial residential facility for troubled kids.

Here’s the thing:  either one of those positions is perfectly fine.  I could do them, probably very easily.  The problems begin when I get to the salary offerings; I’m not willing to spend all of my paychecks on gasoline, and I’m not willing to continue my nocturnal way of life for much longer (the counseling job has a late shift, basically).

Anyway, the local newspaper is hiring a reporter/writer, and I’ve decided to turn in my resume and see what happens.

I’ve also gotten word that a position at another newspaper relatively close to here will be opening soon, so I’m going to apply to that one, as well.

Obviously, pay is still a concern, but the local paper could pay me the same as the caseworker job (mid-20K range), and I wouldn’t spend more than 20 minutes getting to work in the morning.  For a steady paycheck and enough money to actually save, I’ll take that for the time being.

I have never written a cover letter that isn’t basically begging someone to hire me despite my lack of applicable skills, so I’m having some trouble with this one, which should contain the things I can do that actually pertain to the position.  I have a lot of trouble selling myself at face value…I’m a used car salesman, basically.

So, you know…wish me luck.  :-)

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