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Donations being accepted for Millington and Tipton County flood victims

I know the situation in Nashville sucks right now, but Tipton County and Millington are just as bad, if not worse, because of tornado damage…and we’re not getting a lot of TV time, because, as a friend put it, the Opry Mills mall and Opryland hotel are “sexier” news than a bunch of farmland and country folk losing all of their belongings.

There are Navy servicemen and their families who are out of every single thing they own, because they lived in the barracks, and the entire central town of Millington, including the base, was flooded out.

There are adults and children running around in my town without shoes, because their shoes were stored on the floor (…most of us do this, right?), and the flood water washed them away.

I have been extremely fortunate to live in an area that was high enough to not have serious damage, and to live in a region where our water supply wasn’t compromised.  There are whole neighborhoods not very far away from me where they have to boil any water they need to use, and they’re encouraged to only drink bottled water if they can get it.

I’m collecting donations to buy supplies (bottled water and non-perishables) for donation directly to those who need it (literally – if I’m not able to get it to them myself, Michael and Claire will make sure it’s done), so if you’d like to donate to that cause, hit my Tip Jar to the left to make a donation through PayPal.

Any donations from now until the end of the summer will go directly to the victims and their communities.

If you’d like to mail a check or cash, instead, email me (squeaky.wheel.seeks.grease at gmail), and I’ll send you my mailing address.

If you’d like funds to go directly to established monetary donation centers set up around the region (there are no online donation routes set up yet, that I know of…if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know so that I can spread the word), let me know, and I’ll make sure it gets there.

I will be collecting receipts for the purposes of outlining where the donated money has gone, so if you donate, you WILL see either a receipt or, if I can’t get a receipt from a monetary donation point, I will seriously write a check and post a photo of it here (with scam-proofing, of course…I’m not totally retarded).

As an aside, it’s going to take at least two weeks for any “official” aid organizations (such as the Red Cross or FEMA) to get here, so if you want to hold off on donating because you think it wouldn’t do any good, think about how much better off the folks will be if they’re given water and provisions NOW instead of having to wait for the government to get their butts in gear, only to force people to wait in lines and fill out forms just to be able to eat.

Sorry, I don’t subscribe to that notion.  I’m helping people move their stuff to higher ground, I’m helping to organize clothing donations and foster care for affected pets in this area, and I think it’s very important that locals help each other out in this sort of situation, because it affects ALL of us.  Waiting for the government to come in is even more of a mess ever since Katrina (lawyer involvement, among other things, has complicated it greatly), and going two weeks without clean water in a first-world environment shouldn’t be allowed to be an option.  Since it’s become an option due to reliance on government to fix stuff, a group of us is making sure people can get by for the time being.

If you want to help, please don’t hesitate.

If you have any doubt as to my trustworthiness, feel free to ask around – there are folks who helped me get through a rough time a couple of summers ago, and unless they explicitly told me not to, I paid every single one of them back.  (If any of you folks would like to comment here to corroborate, I’d appreciate it.)

I know the economy sucks right now, but if you can spare anything to help some folks who literally have only the clothes they were wearing when they evacuated, trust me when I say that it would be greatly appreciated.

7 comments to Donations being accepted for Millington and Tipton County flood victims

  • ParatrooperJJ

    As a side note, the Navy will reimburse the sailors for new household goods including their vehicles.

  • Tracie

    I think the governor has done a good job, at least right now, of showing concern and initiative. He was in Jackson on Sunday and then back in Nashville. He’s been speaking out about the state. As the governor of a tornado- and flood-prone state, Bredesen has handled a lot of natural disasters.

    Thanks for YOUR initiative, Squeaky. Keep on keepin’ on, as they say.

  • Wow Bonnie! This is great of you to be spearheading such an effort. Glad to see you guys didn’t get the worst of it, and that you’re helping out those who weren’t so lucky.

    (oh, and for anyone hesitant to send money. I sent Bonnie money a few summers ago and told her not to worry about paying me back since it was a small amount. She sent me a check and a thank you card anyway)

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