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Was it REALLY that bad?

This post, I mean.

I’d appreciate it if y’all would read and offer comments and opinions.

3 comments to Was it REALLY that bad?

  • Brandon

    Man, that post SUCKED!!!11one!. Just kidding. :-P

    The post was good, but I just don’t have anything new to add on the man/woman front. Some people just don’t know how to act, and in a culture that doesn’t promote growing up, but rather encourages adolescent behavior and attitudes well into adulthood, assholes have no reason to change. Personally, I think women are perfectly entitled to splitting grabby jerks’ foreheads with ASPs in real life (I have daughters, you see).

    I lament how poorly the whole GTA/Hey Baby thing reflects on our society as a whole. As a culture, we’ve tossed common decency to the side of the road over the last few decades, and the evidence is everywhere, including our video games. I find it disappointing that there’s so much of a market for this kind of crap. I’d be happy if the whole thing died off due to lack of revenue because nobody wants to play that kind of shit for fun.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have Japs and Jerries what need killin’ in CoD….

  • Yeah Bonnie, worst post ever!…. haha.

  • Heh. It’s just that I have nothing to add… I never understood a guy catcalling a girl.