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Upgrades, update, up…chuck?

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0.  Let me know if you see any screw-ups with either my site or your feedreader.


Got my diploma in the mail today.  So it’s official – I’m a college graduate.

The diploma paper kind of makes me laugh.  It’s like tissue paper that’s been made into cardstock, with the texture of a rough plastic panel.


I start my classes for my online Masters of Science in Counseling degree on July 12th.  I ordered my books yesterday, they shipped already, and they’ll be here Saturday.  I’m not quite nervous…just a little anxious.  I’m only allowed to take one class this term, though (it’s a “sink or swim” course designed to help students make sure they *really* want to do this program), so that’s good.

I also internet-stalked my professor, and found out that she’s a really well-respected member of the counseling community overall, and exceedingly good at her job (as the head of a major counseling center in the Minneapolis area), so that makes me feel a lot better about this whole thing.

When I started out looking at grad schools, and figured out that the only way I was going to get a graduate degree any time soon was to take online classes, I was kind of disappointed.  But I managed to do some research, and with these new developments, I’m really looking forward to it.



I’m at Cluck-n-Neigh right now, with JB, staying in the “guest cabin” so that we can help out for a week while one half of the farm’s usual staff is out of town.  I just went out to put frozen water bottles in the water containers, and to turn on the misters for the animals, and in the 15 minutes I was down there, I think I sweated (?) all of the fluid I’d already drunk earlier today.  I’ve had probably 32 oz so far, and I haven’t had to pee at all.

This weather isn’t something to fuck with, y’all.

JB is obviously insane, so he’s down on the dock fishing.  I think I’ll stay in the air conditioning, looking out the window every so often to make sure my husband hasn’t keeled over.

Have you ever heard a house settling all day long?  That’s how hot it is outside – the air conditioning being on is causing this cabin’s roof to adjust constantly as the temperature keeps rising and the sun beats down on the roof.

I’m off to make myself useful by sweeping up all of the dead ladybugs in here.

3 comments to Upgrades, update, up…chuck?

  • This weather isn’t something to fuck with, y’all.

    It’s even worse in Florida. I’m glad the mower has lights, because I’m having to cut grass after the sun goes down.

  • eek

    when i was in colorado the last time, i laid out in the hay barn and tried to read a book, but the sun coming in and out from behind the clouds made the tin roof rattle so much that after a while i just listened to that.

  • This is a comment at one or two of the more previous posts, really. I am a sucker for the visual aspect of a woman with a really ample bottom, what I refer to as “the ass of Venus.” If she’s also a good shot, good at Unix, likes model railroads… Sorry, am thinking about the ex-sweety again.

    As to where to direct one’s gaze when talking to a wummun, well, I’d rather look over there in the corner than look anybody in the eye, having as I think a touch of the “A”.

    I will say that there are some annoying “feminist” wimmin, whom I’ve met only on the net, who seem so nasty that if I were to have to talk to them viva voce, I might think of squatting down and staring them in the crotch, looking at the part of their body they obviously do all of their thinking with.

    I would only think of that; I’m not brave enough to actually do that.