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We’re nearly completely moved in (if not settled in…that will take another week or so), and it’s just hitting me that I am in my own house, with a hubby.  I don’t have to compete for space.  We have an office/guest room that’s separate from our bedroom, so if I want to work all night on things, JB can get rest.

We’ve also thought about and done a few things we hadn’t really thought about until moving into this rental.

Usually, when you rent a house, you’re responsible for ensuring that all of the required appliances for comfortable living are there.  In some cases, this doesn’t work, but by the time you find out, you’re stuck in a lease.  That usually happens in shadier parts of town.

Here, in uptown Covington, that behavior is frowned upon, so imagine our surprise upon looking at the house that it had no oven/range, and no dishwasher.  The reason we took it on, anyway, is because the rent price is amazing (the house next door belongs to my MiL’s best friend’s mom, and she just wants to cover mortgage and taxes on it throughout the year).  This will allow us to save even more quickly for buying a new home.  There’s one we’ve had our eye on, and the price is going way down, but that’s another story.

We got a fridge, washer, and dryer from my mom and grandma.  We’ve acquired a range, thanks to Michael and Claire, and with a strict budget in place, we’ve obtained a joint credit card account to buy a portable dishwasher, which we’ll also use to fill up our cars with gas and buy groceries.  There’s a plan on our card that has no APR for 12 months, and by that time, we’ll be out of this house, and shouldn’t have many expenses that JB’s salary can’t cover.  We’ll continue to use the card for groceries and gas, to keep a rotating line of credit, and make our credit scores a little stronger.

So the appliance/credit thing is new for us as a couple…that’s why I bring it up.

Another luxury of living in a house of your own, with one member of the household having a very steady paycheck (with a job that’s not likely to be going anywhere any time soon), is that you can order things like DirecTV.  It’s bundled with our cell phones and our house phone, which gives us a ridiculously low monthly payment for the next year, and after it jumps up to the regular price, it’ll still be manageable.  We’re having it installed today.  I’m ridiculously excited about having the Discovery channel and A&E and FX.  We didn’t get the DVR, but instead opted to have two non-DVR boxes so that we can have one in the living room and one in the bedroom.

It also has an enormous tub, which makes it easier for me to take therapeutic baths for my muscle pain.

One more thing:  I’m actually a housewife.  It’s not entirely by choice…my blood pressure problems have necessitated medication, but that causes swelling of the hands and feet, which causes my skin to hurt even more, and I’m also not reliable behind the wheel of a car.  I’d like to work and have my own money coming in, but I’m limited in what I can do right now.  I’m working when I can as a ChaCha guide, but moving has kind of kicked me out of the loop again.  I’m going to try to write more articles for, and that’ll help a bit.  I mean, it’s what I can do right now.  I’ve even been having trouble typing because my fingers are so swollen.  I don’t mean any offense to anyone who meets this description, but I don’t know how morbidly obese people type properly.

Also, the swelling from the heart pills gives me cankles.  You’re welcome.

As soon as we get things settled more to where we like them, I’ll take photos and share them here.  So far, the living room is the only room that’s really finished, because we didn’t have any missing appliances there…heh.

I hope everyone’s doing well.  Please continue to let me know (in the previous post) if you’d be interested in a blog meet next month.  It will likely be on a Saturday, toward the end of the month.  Supper/Potluck at my place in Covington, TN.

6 comments to Home.

  • Glad you are settling in. Let us know if we can help out. Meanwhile, enjoy being a TV/internets couch potato (like me).

  • Congratulations guys! BTW, the feed from WP 3.0 is working fine.

  • eek


    i don’t have a problem with my fingertips fitting on the keys, it’s my boobs moving my arms farther out than the keyboard reaches. a keyboard for full-figured gals? sounds like a plan.

  • Tracie

    “Also, the swelling from the heart pills gives me cankles. You’re welcome.

    As soon as we get things settled more to where we like them, I’ll take photos and share them here.”

    The wording makes it sound like you’ll be sharing photos of your cankles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but I’d care to see more home photos first. :)

  • Congrats on the new place!

  • Congratulations on your new digs! As for handicaps of the morbidly obese, in my recent hospital sojourn for kidney failure, my legs and feet started to swell with excess fluid, so I elevated them. Within a day or so the swelling had decreased in my legs, but I’d developed a massive — wait for it — donut of liquid-swollen tissue around my midriff. I literally looked like I’d swallowed a segment of the Michelin Man. It was so swollen I got bruises.

    The funny bit was that when I went to the toilet I found it almost impossible to reach around the thing to wipe my ass.