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I feel like I should say something about Top Shot.

…I mean, seeing as how I was the first person in the gunnie community that Caleb basically railroaded, I don’t have a great relationship with the guy, nor do I particularly give a shit whether he finds success or failure in his life.  I’ve told him openly that I pity his wife (who seemed like a fun person when I met them both at the ’08 NRA Convention), and that I think he’s a psychopath.  His actions are not the actions of one who has any consideration for anyone but himself.

However, that Adam guy who decided to use his limited vocabulary to badger Caleb and the rest of the Blue Team right before a freakin’ challenge?  Uh, what?

I had to skip portions of the show, because the words “rat fink” were like ice picks in my brain.  They gave me a fucking headache.

Caleb has no integrity.  He apologized because he’d been caught doing something (that he thought would benefit him) behind someone else’s back, but he didn’t mean it.  He merely wanted to smooth things over so that they could move on.  That’s admirable behavior, but there was no integrity behind it.  And Caleb acted politely throughout each episode I watched (all two of them), which is what probably makes him a great insurance salesman, but a shitty friend.

Adam, however, is a rotten douchebag sonufabitch who needs a few more years in 29 Palms under the thumb of an R. Lee Ermy-type commanding officer.  He says that Caleb’s Coast Guard training was faulty, because Caleb went and “ratted” out the conspiracy?  Uh, okay, buddy…let us know where in Marine training is it cool to create SEVERAL plots to sell out your teammates, attempting to strategize a way to draw others in by talking shit about them.  Then, when you find out about the “deception,” you spend ALL OF YOUR TIME talking about how much you hate Caleb and want him out and how he’s a “slimey little runt fuck” and a “rat fink” (dude, PICK UP A THESAURUS).

THEN you create shit at the challenge itself by airing it out for all to see.  You know that gave the Red Team the confidence they needed to kick the Blue Team’s ass.

I admire your skill at the final elimination challenge.  You and Caleb did very well, but Adam Benson- seriously – SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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