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New possibilities for Blog Meet, thanks to Michael!

In the here-you-see-it-now-you-don’t post I published a few hours ago, I lamented the heat and its ability to force me to try to have the blog meet at another time, like in the fall.

If you’re up for the original date possibilities (August 21 and 28), let me know.

If you’d prefer a later date, when it’ll likely be cooler, let me know.

The change will be that, instead of meeting here at my house, where there is limited space indoors for guests to get out of the heat, we will convene at Cluck’n’Neigh, where we will still have potluck, there’s plenty of air-conditioned space for camp chairs and whatnot (if you’d like to bring one for yourself).  The rational limit of people is 8.  I never said I was rational, however, so we’ll try to accommodate everyone, within reason.

There is a gun range on the property, so you’re free to bring your rifles and practice, or have a little bit of friendly competition.

There is a pond for fishing.

There are also chickens all over the place, which just makes it fun.

Okay…so let me know what you think!

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