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Yay! It’s my birthday!

Even though I’m turning 27, I still have just enough excitement about my birthdays left in me that I wake up really early and can’t get back to sleep.

It’s not like there’s anything waiting for me, like on Christmas.  Incidentally, I can sleep late on Christmas morning.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

On Saturday, my local family (two sisters, nephew, dad, stepmom) took JB and me out to eat at Crepe Maker (NOMNOMNOM), then we went home and had cupcakes (with strawberry AND chocolate icing), and I got some presents.  I got the newest “Alice in Wonderland” DVD, got a bunch of colorful socks (if you know me, you know how excited I was), and a $25 Mastercard gift card.

THEN, to make a long story short, I got the money to buy myself a recumbent bike.

Which is now sitting in my living room, awaiting the 4 D-sized batteries it requires to do things like amuse me and check my heart rate.

Today, I’m going to see “Salt” with some friends, then I’ll spend the evening alone, hanging out quietly with my hubby while he decompresses from his first day of teaching (!!!!).

It’s only 7:30am, but my birthday, so far this year, has been pretty amazing.

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