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No one thing to create a whole post with…

…but I have to write SOMEthing in here, right?

My left ring finger is infected again.  Now it’s the left side of the nail, rather than the right.  I can’t blame poor circulation, because my fingers have been too large for me to wear my wedding set for several months.  I haven’t bitten my fingernails in a while, so that just means that the nail is growing incorrectly.  Awesome.  I only mention this first because it’s annoying as fuck.

Oh, and I have purple hair.  I’ll take a photo once the large splotches on my forehead fade a bit more.  I had to sit on my shower seat (new acquisition – it helps a lot, thankfully) and lean forward to apply the color, and it just kind of spread downward before I could get at it with a shampoo-soaked washcloth.

I have the entire series of House (i.e. I FREAKIN’ LOVE PIRATE BAY), and am nearly through the first season.  I’ve been watching the day-long marathons on Wednesdays (Sleuth channel) and Sundays (Bravo), and it’s actually surprising how random the shows are in terms of the order played.  I don’t watch ALL day, of course.  But man, I love that show.  If I were to be addicted to a “story”/soap, this is it.

I also have the entire series of Rugrats, along with two of the movies, so…um…there’s may also be something wrong with my taste in television.

I am now going to eat leftover spaghetti with freshly baked biscuits.  Nomtastic.

5 comments to No one thing to create a whole post with…

  • I’m also a huge House fan. Ended up watching a few re-runs on Bravo as well this weekend.

  • srone

    Try to see if you can possibly put some clean cotton under the nail, between the nail and the flesh. A little will do at first, you can place more under it each day, then soak it in some tea tree oil. That should clear up the infection in a few days. It also works for ingrown toenails. If you cannot do that, try placing a strip of good cloth adhesive tape perpendicular to the finger on the side of the finger near the injury. Then gently pull the tape to pull the flesh away from the nail and if possible offset the tape slightly so that it will spiral down your finger and allow the tape enough skin to adhere properly. Try this as long as it takes while putting small amounts of antibiotic ointment on the injury, trying not to get any on the tape, that will cause the tape to let go. If you have problems getting the tape to adhere to your finger, I would get some Benzoin tincture. This will make your skin stickier. I use it to prep my skin so that my pump sets do not come off when I sweat. By the way, what was your last A1C? I thought that you had type 2 diabetes. If it is too high that could be a very good reason for some of your complaints. It will also lower your ability to fight infection. My neighbor has type 1, like I do, and her BG’s were way out of whack for a long time. She felt awful and I encouraged her to go to an Endocrinologist that I knew. He sent her for a biopsy of her lung that showed that she had a fungal infection that had been growing for a long time. Apparently her other doctors thought that the spot on her lung was Pnuemonia, as she was treated for that for over a month with no improvement. If the doctors think that you are trying to scam them, you either need to convince them otherwise or find someone new. A good doctor is like a good mechanic, they never give up until they find the problem.

    • The infection was in the spot where a hangnail would approximately be, so adhering something to it would have been a bit difficult, but I expressed it often while applying alcohol to disinfect it and try to dry it out, and I think it worked. Thanks for the tips, though! :-)

      I don’t have diabetes…I’m not sure where you got that. I have some blood sugar issues, but it’s more closely related to hypoglycemia than diabetes.

      I agree – if you don’t have a good doctor, you don’t have much, these days.

  • srone

    I am sorry for assuming that you have Blood sugar problems, but from what you describe sometimes, you could have either PCOD (polycystic ovary disease) or Metabolic syndrome. If you have time, go to, or another medical site, and look up the descriptions of both of these to see if they fit. But then again, I am not a doctor, so what do I know. I just try to stay informed about my metabolic problems and I do absorb a good bit about other types of metabolic problems along the way. Whether you have a good doctor or not, you need to stay as informed as possible about your own medical problems, or you may be up a creek without a paddle, if some doctor makes the wrong decision or overlooks something important.