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Around $190 for a single declaw.

I was correct in my assessment of Dammit’s situation.  This injury was older than I’d realized, and so the claw was attempting to grow back , resulting in more bleeding and discomfort for him.

I got to the vet and asked what he thought, and he said was I’d kind of figured he’d say…that Dammit’s one toe needed to be declawed in order to prevent further injury and infection.  Once a claw is torn out, it usually doesn’t grow well any more, can ingrow, and will do more to screw up his foot than this initial injury.

So the bleg continues.

Since it’s so early in JB’s employment, all of our money right now is earmarked for bills and house essentials…the bare minimum needed to get through the month.

Again, if you’d like to hit the tip jar to the left to make a donation to help with the costs of my cat’s surgery, I would appreciate it.  $190 is small potatoes for some folks.  It will be for us, one day.  But since it’s not, your kindness is more than appreciated.


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