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Update on Dammit – mostly in terms of donations, though.

Thanks to those who’ve already sent in donations – I won’t call you out unless you want me to, since this is a more public forum than my Facebook.

So far, $70 has been contributed to the “help Dammit’s foot not succumb to gangrene” fund, leaving the bill for us at approximately $120.

That’s MUCH better, but again, if you’re willing and able to help, it’d be much appreciated.

Hit the link to the left (yes, it still says “Flood relief” – they’re not collecting for that any more, so any donation will go straight to helping Dammit’s surgery bill be paid – I’ll fix it later).

I haven’t heard any bad news, so I’m assuming everything’s going okay.  It’s weird to not have him around here today.  Sophie’s just not as engaging as far as company goes.

I’ll take photos of my pitiful kitteh for you guys to look at later, when JB brings him home.

Thanks again!


UPDATE: They weren’t able to get to him until much later than they’d thought, so he’s staying overnight so that they can make sure he wakes up okay, and can give him whatever else he may need.

:-(  I miss my bubby.

cuddle buddy

This irritating need to be in my arms all the time? I'm totally missing it today.

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