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Life comes at you fast…

…and Allstate isn’t exactly the solution to everything.

Things have been a little rough around here as of late.

I’m still working on the GPal thing, and actually have a few people who have the same idea (to create an informative web site so others aren’t affected until GPal can get their shit straight), and I’m going to continue with that, because it’s a money issue, and lord knows I have enough of those already.

The 30 Day meme will be put on hold (as if it hasn’t already), and regular blogging will resume as soon as “home” starts to feel that way again.

Thanks again for all of your support and messages about Dammit.  He’s doing fine, is as annoying as ever, and I’m so glad that so many people were able to contribute to help keep my buddy with me for the foreseeable future (we won’t talk about how old he is…I’ll cry).

Here is the result of those contributions – the only photo he’s let me take of his foot (he HATES me touching his feet now…clipping his claws is going to be fun tomorrow):

His pinkie toe used to be nearly the same length as the toe beside it…and don’t be fooled by the fur.  His foot fur is very short and sparse (another sign of his advancing age).  I took this photo while he was asleep, and he immediately woke up, clawed the shit out of me, and ran away to yowl about how the world hates him…in the bathroom, where it’s sure to echo…at 4am.

Anyway, due to the nature of the stuff going on (i.e. it involves JB, and I don’t like to air his business here unless it’s funny and he says it’s okay), I’m not able to talk about it, but needless to say, other stuff just doesn’t seem as interesting/important right now.


2 comments to Life comes at you fast…

  • Glad the little guy’s feeling better. Hope the rest of it clears up real soon!

  • Hang in there, Bonnie! And since we are throwing insurance slogans around, I’ll use one too:

    Like a good neighbor….

    I’m here! Don’t hesitate to call me if you need a break, or just a cup of coffee.