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Well, that was fast.

Sunday, JB told me I had a week to decide what I wanted, and that he was keeping his wedding ring on until it was all over, and that it was MY decision whether to end it or try again (with his conditions, of course, which are stupid).

Monday night, he texted and told me he missed me, then called to talk.  I’m afraid I wasn’t very gracious.  He kept saying the same stuff over and over again, making promises, but when I tried to verify the promises, he suggested hanging up.  So…we got nowhere.

Tuesday night, he texted me to ask if we could talk.  I told him I’d meet him this coming Saturday to go over stuff.  He agreed, after asking me to not invite anyone.  Hurrdurrrrr, no witnesses.

I didn’t hear from him last night.

Today, I went to see my landlady to ask her about my staying in the house until I get done with my graduate degree.  She said I’d have to talk to JB, because HE’d talked to her about moving right back in after November 15th, which is when I was told to move out, regardless of whatever divorce proceedings occur.  Uh, my name’s on that lease, too…JB can’t do that.

So now I’m pissed.

He texted me today, and threatened that any goodwill he could show me, legally, would depend on me meeting with him on Saturday, no later.  Because he procured his lawyer through his parents, and has been speaking to him already (while I’ve been blindsided and have just been able to get in contact with my lawyer in earnest), this would obviously give him the upper hand, which he wants.

I pointed out that since I had literally just seen him send the words, “negotiate divorce” to me, and wasn’t sure of it until that moment, I would need a little more time to figure out the divorce itself, but would be more than happy to meet him on Saturday to talk about the short-term arrangements.

Basically, I want to make sure I have a place to stay throughout the divorce proceedings, and I want to make sure things are paid for during that time, as well, since I’m unemployed and have been completely dependent on JB for at least one year.  If he agrees, there will be no fight, and no discussion of alimony at this time.  I’m not likely to get it, anyway.  I know that.

Tennessee State Law has some loopholes there that I can exploit, but I don’t want to hope until I get my lawyer involved in more ways than just phone conversations.

So, uh, again…if you feel like you have anything to spare to help me pay for legal fees, I would really appreciate it.  I’m willing to send ammunition, and even sell my guns to get out of this as painlessly as possible.  I’ve already been hurt as much as I can emotionally.  I don’t want to end up destitute because of that jerkwad, too.

Life is grand, lemme tell ya.

2 comments to Well, that was fast.

  • I’m so sorry. This all sucks a big one. Can’t help financially, but I’m sending all the positive thoughts your way that I can muster. If there is anything else I can do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

  • George

    See if you can find a legal-aid lawyer, or pro-bono type who knows more about protecting your legal rights. Seems to me if you’ve been entirely dependant on him, AND, he’s trying to circumvent you with regard to living quarters, you’ve no business negotiating with him. And, you need an independent professionals counsel NOW! gfa